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Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the narrator of the story?

2. Who beats up on Gimpel?

3. Although he is furious, why doesn't Gimpel awaken Elka in a rage?

4. What festivities occurred at Gimpel and Elka's wedding?

5. What does Elka do ten times a day?

Short Essay Questions

1. What expression is Elka wearing when she dies, and what does Gimpel think this means?

2. What does Gimpel see and hear at his house in Chapter 2, when he comes home early from the bakery?

3. When Gimpel tells Elka on her deathbed that she has been a good wife, what does Elka confess?

4. What does Gimpel do to right his wrongful plot of revenge?

5. What does Elka do on her wedding night and what is her reasoning for it?

6. At the end of the story, what mementos does Gimpel awaken with after dreaming?

7. After the first childbirth, how does Gimpel feel about Elka and what does he do for her?

8. Who is Gimpel the Fool?

9. Describe a few pranks played on Gimpel.

10. What does Gimpel come to understand at the end of the story, and why?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

"Gimpel the Fool" can be classified under several genres. Pick three, and, with supporting evidence from the text, discuss how the story could be classified under each genre.

Essay Topic 2

Analyze and discuss the concepts of truth and persecution as they are used in conjunction within the text. What is true to Gimpel? To the townspeople? To God? Which one perseveres, and why? Does truth inspire perseverance? Does one person's truth lead to another person's persecution?

Essay Topic 3

Define and explain the concept of The Wise Fool, and explain Gimpel as such.

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