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Short Answer Questions

1. When does Gimpel receive his nickname?

2. Does Gimpel believe Elka's story about the child?

3. Where are Gimpel and Elka married?

4. What does Gimpel say most men would do in his situation?

5. What story does Elka tell Gimpel in an attempt to convince him that the child is his?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is Elka abusive towards Gimpel?

2. What is Gimpel's religion and how do we know this?

3. What does the rabbi's daughter tell Gimpel to do and why is this important?

4. What does the Spirit of Evil say about God and the afterlife?

5. What is Gimpel's living situation as a child?

6. Who is the first person Gimpel dreams of after Elka's death, and what does this person say to do?

7. Who is Gimpel the Fool?

8. After the birth, who does Gimpel go to for advice and what is said?

9. What does Gimpel think when he sees the baby crib?

10. At the end of the story, what is Gimpel ready to do and how does he feel about it?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Explain and explore Gimpel's role as an outcast. Is he or is he not? Choose a side and argue for or against.

Essay Topic 2

"Gimpel the Fool" questions the definition of truth. Compare and contrast what is true to the townspeople and what is true to Gimpel. Which version is actually true? Support your answer with examples from the text.

Essay Topic 3

Gimpel displays a great deal of compassion throughout the story while evoking the same emotions from the reader. Explore and discuss Singer's use of compassion to relay the story. How does the first person narrative aid in this?

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