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Short Answer Questions

1. After seeing the suspicious wedding gift, what is Gimpel's resolution?

2. What physical imperfection does Elka have?

3. Who calls Gimpel by his nickname?

4. When Gimpel asks Elka about all the negative things he has heard about her and asks that she not be deceitful, what does Elka say?

5. What is the first thing Gimpel says about himself?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Gimpel do to right his wrongful plot of revenge?

2. After righting his revenge plot, what does Gimpel do when he returns home?

3. What happens four months after the wedding and how does Gimpel react?

4. Does Gimpel believe Elka's wedding night excuse? Why or why not?

5. What does the rabbi's daughter tell Gimpel to do and why is this important?

6. When Gimpel goes home after months of separation, what does he see?

7. When Gimpel tells Elka on her deathbed that she has been a good wife, what does Elka confess?

8. At the end of the story, what is Gimpel ready to do and how does he feel about it?

9. What does Gimpel ask of Elka when he first visits her at her house?

10. After much consideration, what does the rabbi say to Gimpel regarding Elka's infidelity?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Frampol is a historically significant town that is also the setting for "Gimpel the Fool". Discuss why Singer chose this location for his story, its specific historical significance, and its contribution to the story.

Essay Topic 2

"Gimpel the Fool" can be classified under several genres. Pick three, and, with supporting evidence from the text, discuss how the story could be classified under each genre.

Essay Topic 3

Define and explain the concept of The Wise Fool, and explain Gimpel as such.

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