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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After taking steps toward revenge, what does the second dream person tell Gimpel?
(a) He was always loved.
(b) He is a fool.
(c) He is stupid.
(d) He is evil.

2. While appearing to Gimpel in a dream, what does this dream person say to Gimpel?
(a) Gimpel is bound for hell.
(b) Elka yearns for Gimpel in the afterlife.
(c) Gimpel should repent.
(d) Since the whole world deceives Gimpel, he should deceive the world in return.

3. What is the final expression on Elka's face after she confesses to Gimpel?
(a) She drops a single tear.
(b) She is smiling.
(c) Her mouth is agape.
(d) She is frowning.

4. Instead of God or an afterlife, what does the the person in Gimpel's dream say is there?
(a) A thick mire.
(b) Another life on earth.
(c) Eternal sleep.
(d) Nothing.

5. When did Gimpel's opinion of the person who delivered bread to Elka for him change?
(a) After the apprentice started visiting the house.
(b) After the baker started visiting the house.
(c) After the rabbi said prayers for Elka.
(d) After the farmer grew vegetables for Elka.

Short Answer Questions

1. What advice does the apprentice give Gimpel?

2. What happens while Gimpel and Elka are separated?

3. When Gimpel tells the children that he saw their dead mother, how do they react?

4. What is wrong with Elka when she becomes ill?

5. After disposing of his vengence, what does Gimpel do when he returns home?

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