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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After hearing of Elka's infidelity, what does the Rabbi tell Gimpel to do?
(a) Forgive Elka.
(b) Divorce Elka.
(c) Kill Elka.
(d) Move to another town.

2. How are Elka's premarital demands met?
(a) Gimpel buys a dog.
(b) The townspeople take up a collection.
(c) Gimpel builds a new house.
(d) Gimpel takes a mistress.

3. When presented with accusations of infidelity, what does Elka do?
(a) Leaves the room.
(b) Denies them and claims Gimpel is crazy.
(c) Admits her wrong-doings.
(d) Stands silent.

4. What festivities occurred at Gimpel and Elka's wedding?
(a) Drinking, singing and dancing.
(b) Poker and Yahtzee were played.
(c) Eating contests.
(d) None--no one came to the wedding.

5. What is Gimpel's nickname?
(a) Gimpel the Fool.
(b) Gimpel the Dunce.
(c) Gimpel the Stupid.
(d) Gimpel the Butthead.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Gimpel sleep during the week?

2. If Elka's premarital request isn't met, what does she say can happen?

3. What is said about Elka at the wedding ceremony?

4. What does the Rabbi eventually allow Gimpel to do?

5. What is evident when Gimpel visits Elka?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Gimpel goes home after months of separation, what does he see?

2. Why is Gimpel called a fool?

3. After months of separation, what is the first thing Elka asks Gimpel to do when she sees him, and why?

4. What does Gimpel ask of Elka when he first visits her at her house?

5. Who is the first person Gimpel dreams of after Elka's death, and what does this person say to do?

6. After months of separation from his family, why doesn't Gimpel want a scandal?

7. What does the rabbi's daughter tell Gimpel to do and why is this important?

8. What does Gimpel do to right his wrongful plot of revenge?

9. What does the second person he dreams of say to Gimpel?

10. After much consideration, what does the rabbi say to Gimpel regarding Elka's infidelity?

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