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Chapter 1

• Gimpel is the narrator and main character of the story.

• He is called "Gimpel the Fool" by the people of the town because he is easy to play jokes on.

• Gimpel is an orphan who was given to his grandfather, then to the baker, whom he works for.

• He doesn't fight back when the townspeople tease him because they get angry.

• He goes to the rabbi for advice, and the rabbi tells Gimpel that he is not the fool; it is the townspeople who are fools for being so cruel.

• The townspeople arrange for Gimpel to marry the local prostitute.

• The townspeople raise a dowry for Gimpel even though it is usually the bride who gives a dowry.

• At the wedding, the townspeople give them a crib and Gimpel knows he has been tricked.

• This story is an allegory for Jewish persecution throughout history.

• Gimpel represents the...

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