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Anthony Lewis
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Short Answer Questions

1. Federal law _____________ state law.

2. What is one caveat for a person who brings a petition before the Supreme Court?

3. Among the most important concepts for the Justices is the determination of _________________.

4. Why does Gideon's family not qualify for welfare?

5. Why was Gideon in the hospital during this time?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the nature of Gideon's petition to the Supreme Court?

2. What does Fortas discover in Gideon's file regarding how he questioned witnesses and how an attorney would have been better able to manage?

3. What is the famous 1940s case whose precedent denied Gideon an attorney at his criminal trial?

4. What is the famous case by which assigning attorneys to defendants is determined?

5. What is Gideon's mood as he heads into his Supreme Court trial?

6. For what is Abe Fortas already known regarding influencing the Supreme Court to expand a certain ruling?

7. What kind of power do the Supreme Court Justices have and how do some of them feel about it?

8. What are Gideon's intentions for his life should he be released from prison?

9. What is meant by federalism and how could Gideon's Supreme Court case impact it?

10. What sentence does Gideon receive for the petty larceny charge?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Gideon's story unfolds in the early 1960s, a time when the ravages of World War II are not a very distant memory and change is happening in almost every aspect of American life. What effect did the time period in which Gideon lived help his case? Does Gideon understand his place in history now that he has changed court procedures in America? Explain.

Essay Topic 2

In Gideon's Supreme Court case, Abe Fortas is assigned to represent him while Bruce Jacob represents the state's rights. Compare and contrast Abe Fortas and Bruce Jacob. What similarities do they share? How are they different? Do you think the Supreme Court Justices knew what they were doing when they appointed Fortas to Gideon's case? Explain.

Essay Topic 3

Create a brief character study of W. Fred Turner. What does he look like? What are his positive personality traits? What are some of his negative characteristics? What are his hopes and fears? What is his primary motivation?

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