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Anthony Lewis
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which are the only two states to stand with Florida on the right to an attorney position?
(a) Georgia and North Carolina.
(b) Tennessee and South Carolina.
(c) Mississippi and Alabama.
(d) Alabama and North Carolina.

2. When the Supreme Court ruled that federal defendants must have lawyers, a ________________ took over in place of any official body creating and funding a system that would work.
(a) State committee.
(b) Non-system.
(c) Task force.
(d) Caucus.

3. Lawyers appearing before the Supreme Court should not be overconfident or ______________.
(a) Arrogant.
(b) Brash.
(c) Loud.
(d) Ill-prepared.

4. Jacob recommends that if a new law were to come from the Gideon case it should not be _______________.
(a) Publicized.
(b) Enforced.
(c) In effect for a year.
(d) Retroactive.

5. Which of the following is an indigent person unable to afford that a rich defendant can?
(a) All of these.
(b) Other defense methods.
(c) Psychiatric evaluations.
(d) Bail.

6. For how long are Supreme Court Justices on the bench?
(a) Lifetime terms.
(b) Two year terms.
(c) Four year terms.
(d) Ten year terms.

7. Who had complete control over deciding who would represent Gideon?
(a) The Justices.
(b) The prison warden.
(c) Gideon.
(d) The Florida State Court.

8. What does Abe Fortas think would be the best way for the Justices to understand Gideon's case?
(a) They should talk to local judges.
(b) They should go to criminal court and watch a defendant try to defend himself.
(c) They should read Gideon's trial transcripts.
(d) They should listen to interviews of inmates.

9. What did retired Justice Frankfurter say about Gideon vs. Wainwright?
(a) He declined to comment.
(b) He would not have voted for it.
(c) He thought it was a step back for America.
(d) He would have voted in favor of it.

10. What do some people at the state level want to see implemented?
(a) A lottery to decide who takes a case.
(b) Another appellate court.
(c) A public defender's office.
(d) Mandatory attorney representation.

11. Who does George Mantz say is looking out for defendants with attorneys?
(a) The judge.
(b) The Supreme Court.
(c) The state.
(d) The defendant.

12. Which state files its own brief in support of the principles of Gideon's case?
(a) Maine.
(b) Montana.
(c) Oregon.
(d) Michigan.

13. Who was the Florida governor at the time of Gideon vs. Wainwright?
(a) Fess Barkley.
(b) Ferris Buller.
(c) Farris Bryant.
(d) Frank Bryan.

14. The Supreme Court Justices are aware that many of the cases they hear are the result of __________________.
(a) Unskilled judges in the local courts.
(b) A defendant's lack of a defense attorney.
(c) An overloaded local court system.
(d) A poor State Court system.

15. What type of payment do most appointed attorneys get?
(a) An hourly fee.
(b) Nothing.
(c) A set fee.
(d) A retainer.

Short Answer Questions

1. What can a lay person not be expected to know?

2. What is the formal name of Gideon's Supreme Court case?

3. Attorneys should view questions as _______________________.

4. Which organization submits a brief in support of Gideon's petition?

5. What amazes Jacob about appearing in the Supreme Court?

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