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Anthony Lewis
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the Betts vs. Brady case in 1942, in what state did Smith Betts live?
(a) Maryland,
(b) Ohio.
(c) Virginia.
(d) Montana.

2. Who is the law student who works on research for Fortas?
(a) Michael Collins.
(b) John Hardeson.
(c) James Milligan.
(d) John Hart Ely.

3. Which of the following is an indigent person unable to afford that a rich defendant can?
(a) Other defense methods.
(b) Bail.
(c) All of these.
(d) Psychiatric evaluations.

4. Which of the following is NOT a Justice seated during Gideon's Supreme Court case?
(a) John Marshall Harlan.
(b) Earl Warren.
(c) Daniel Ellsberg.
(d) Arthur J. Goldberg.

5. Under the Betts rule, who is required to have an attorney?
(a) An innocent person.
(b) A person of low intelligence.
(c) A guilty person.
(d) An indigent person.

6. The Supreme Court Justices are aware that many of the cases they hear are the result of __________________.
(a) Unskilled judges in the local courts.
(b) A poor State Court system.
(c) A defendant's lack of a defense attorney.
(d) An overloaded local court system.

7. Which of the following is true of Gideon's case?
(a) A senior partner of the firm did the majority of the writing for the brief.
(b) Expensive attorneys spent many hours in research.
(c) He had a large, established firm on his side.
(d) All of these.

8. Who is the new director of the Florida prison system during Gideon's Supreme Court trial?
(a) Harold Milligan.
(b) Marvin Edelman.
(c) Marvellas Cooke.
(d) Louie L. Wainwright.

9. What do some attorneys consider oral arguments to be?
(a) A nuisance.
(b) A formality.
(c) A waste of time.
(d) An imperative.

10. Which of the following is true regarding Supreme Court Justices?
(a) They are free to disagree.
(b) They don't seek re-election and are not indebted to anyone.
(c) All of these.
(d) They are appointed to lifetime terms.

11. Which organization submits a brief in support of Gideon's petition?
(a) The Democratic Party.
(b) The Harvard Law School.
(c) The NAACP.
(d) The American Civil Liberties Union.

12. What can a lay person not be expected to know?
(a) Points of law.
(b) Attorney phone numbers.
(c) Legal fees.
(d) Supreme Court Justices.

13. What is the next issue following the Supreme Court's ruling in Gideon's favor?
(a) Implementation.
(b) Theory.
(c) Budget.
(d) Strategy.

14. What comment does George Mantz say that draws laughter from the Justices?
(a) The early bird catches the worm.
(b) A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
(c) Hope springs eternal.
(d) An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

15. What is the case in which six black boys were accused of rape of two white girls in 1932?
(a) The Petersborough Case.
(b) The Scotsboro Case.
(c) The Alabama Case.
(d) The Missouri Case.

Short Answer Questions

1. Lawyers appearing before the Supreme Court should not be overconfident or ______________.

2. What is the case in which the the opinion indicates that federal defendants should always have the right to an attorney?

3. What do some people at the state level want to see implemented?

4. Walter Mondale of Minnesota wrote to Jacob that all __________________ should have a lawyer.

5. Lawyers appearing before the Supreme Court should present facts as opposed to ________________.

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