Objects & Places from Gideon's Trumpet

Anthony Lewis
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Bay Harbor Poolroom - This is the business that Gideon is accused of robbing.

Miscellaneous Docket - This is set aside by the Supreme Court for cases filed by those petitioners who are too poor to cover printing costs or to pay the filing fee of one hundred dollars.

Special Circumstances - These events prompt the assignment of a attorney to an indigent defendant.

Gideon vs. Wainwright - This was the case filed by Clarence Gideon on appeal to the Supreme Court declaring that his right to counsel had been denied at the trial court level.

Betts vs. Brady - This was a right to counsel case filed some twenty years prior to Gideon's case.

Raiford, Florida - This is where Clarence Gideon is imprisoned after his conviction of the theft at the poolroom.

Panama City, Florida - This is where Gideon is tried for the theft...

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