Gideon's Trumpet Character Descriptions

Anthony Lewis
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Clarence Earl Gideon - He is a fifty-one-year-old white man imprisoned in Florida who makes an appeal with the United States Supreme Court.

Abe Fortas - This is the fifty-two-year-old Washington attorney appointed to represent Gideon.

W. Fred Turner - He is the Florida lawyer Gideon selects to be his attorney at the second trial following the Supreme Court decision that Gideon and all defendants has the right to counsel.

Robert L.McCrary, Jr. - He is the trial judge who first hears Gideon's case in Florida and who denies his request for an attorney.

Bruce Jacob - He is the Florida Attorney assigned to argue Gideon's case on Florida's behalf.

Henry Cook - He is the man who testified in court that he saw Gideon inside the poolroom during the theft of liquor, cigarettes, and change.

Tobias Simon - He is a Miami lawyer who was...

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