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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 23, what does Andy say he used to sow randomly in his parents' back yard?
(a) Daffodil bulbs.
(b) Iris bulbs.
(c) Tulip bulbs.
(d) Crocus bulbs.

2. Where will Claire stay until she knows she'll be safe from radiation at home?
(a) At Elvissa's house.
(b) At Andy's house.
(c) At Dag's house.
(d) At a hotel.

3. Which of Elvissa's possessions does Claire discover at Tobias's place?
(a) A bottle of nail polish.
(b) Elvissa's driver's licence.
(c) A pair of underwear.
(d) A ring.

4. What color does Elvissa paint her nails with in Chapter 16?
(a) Very Berry red.
(b) Honolulu Choo-Choo pink.
(c) Beach Babe blue.
(d) Light and Lovely lavender.

5. When Elvissa asks for a small moment that defines what it's like to be alive, what does Claire respond with?
(a) Laughter.
(b) Tears.
(c) Snow.
(d) Desert.

6. What does Dag recall his father said gasoline smelled like in Chapter 16?
(a) Fear.
(b) His childhood.
(c) Jail.
(d) The future.

7. Who is Curtis?
(a) Andy's jogging buddy.
(b) Dag's co-worker who he sometimes plays basketball with.
(c) A man who has been stalking Claire.
(d) The boy who lived next door to Elvissa when she was young.

8. What does Andy credit with keeping him "level" in Chapter 20?
(a) Building model planes.
(b) Work.
(c) Reading classic literature.
(d) Spending time with friends.

9. Why does Andy feel it was a mistake for him to come home for Christmas?
(a) Because the trip is long.
(b) Because he can't stand his parents.
(c) Because he is "too old."
(d) Because his family would not have missed him if he didn't go.

10. What does Elvissa get a job as in Chapter 21?
(a) A gardener at a nunnery.
(b) A candy striper.
(c) A writer for a monthly magazine.
(d) A coach for a little league team.

11. What does Elvissa call rich women with good haircuts and good clothes?
(a) Pamelas.
(b) Sylvias.
(c) Patricias.
(d) Veronicas.

12. What does Dag think he'll be doing when he dies?
(a) Swimming with the dolphins.
(b) Sleeping.
(c) Eating ice cream.
(d) Planting flowers.

13. What does the acronym VSTP, used by Claire to describe Elvissa, stand for?
(a) Very sensitive teeth problem.
(b) Very sudden tantrum problem.
(c) Very serious trust problem.
(d) Very severe taste problem.

14. On Christmas Eve, who does Andy's father shout at on the TV?
(a) Burl Ives.
(b) A group of young protestors.
(c) A news anchor.
(d) The weatherman.

15. What building does Dag point out to Andy in Chapter 16?
(a) The Institute for the Blind.
(b) The state prison.
(c) A psychiatric institute.
(d) A Cold War museum.

Short Answer Questions

1. What TV character does Andy compare his brother Tyler to?

2. What does Andy do when he returns to his own house after spending Christmas in Portland?

3. In his story, what did the Japanese girl Andy lived with keep as a pet?

4. In Chapter 29, what does Dag say Bunny looks like?

5. According to Andy's brother, Tyler, whose birthday is January 8th?

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