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Steven Pressfield
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the standing order of Dienekes while on campaign?
(a) Dienekes is to be allowed to sleep until he wakes on his own.
(b) Dienekes is to be awakened two hours before sunrise.
(c) Dienekes is to be awakened about mid-day.
(d) Dienekes is to be awakened with the dawn.

2. What do the Spartans discover on their way to the tent of Xerxes?
(a) They find out that Xerxes has found a path around the gates, and that he has ordered troops to surround the Greeks.
(b) They discover a much better patch of ground on which to fight the Persians.
(c) They find out that Rooster is leading them into a trap.
(d) They find out that Xerxes has caught wind of their plan, and has moved his tent.

3. What happens to the raiding party?
(a) They fight to the death.
(b) They fight against terrible odds, but manage to kill Xerxes before being killed to a man.
(c) They are captured.
(d) Alexandros' hand is cut off, and a few others are killed, so Dienekes calls the retreat.

4. Why is Xerxes having trouble sleeping?
(a) He has contracted a terrible illness from one of the injured soldiers.
(b) He is being plagued by nightmares and guilt over the desecration of Leonidas' body.
(c) He has dysentery.
(d) He cannot sleep after the slaughter of battle.

5. What can Xeones see toward the middle gate?
(a) He sees a large fox.
(b) He sees the Persians.
(c) He sees the sheer cliffs of the pass.
(d) He sees the bath houses.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Xeones' proof that he was there, and not that he simply heard of it?

2. Other than Ball Player and the dog, who is the other volunteer?

3. Why does Leonidas keep the three hundred from getting new cloaks?

4. Once the Spartans make their discovery, what do they do about it?

5. How is Rooster related to Dienekes?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the Medes who first entered battle with the Greeks.

2. What happens when Rooster returns to the Greeks on the second day of battle?

3. Why do the Persian soldiers not hinder the Greeks in their escape?

4. What main advantage do the Spartans have over the Persians?

5. Describe the fight between Medes and Greeks.

6. What kind of force arrives at Thermopylae to meet the Persians?

7. What occurs at Thermopylae during the wait for the Persians?

8. Describe the first day of battle.

9. What kinds of items do the Spartan soldiers carry with them?

10. What does Arete offer Xeones? What is Xeones' response?

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