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Steven Pressfield
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the purpose of an all-sire unit?
(a) While they are away on campaign, their sons can take care of the home.
(b) When they die, their sons can then be conscripted.
(c) An ancient belief forbids Spartans from sending men into battle who have not yet fathered a son.
(d) When they die, they will have living male heirs to carry on their names.

2. What does Dienekes decide that the opposite of fear is?
(a) The opposite of fear is courage.
(b) The opposite of fear is aphobia.
(c) The opposite of fear is glory.
(d) The opposite of fear is love.

3. What nation is the second to assault the Greeks?
(a) The Armenians are the second group sent by the Persians.
(b) The Medes are the second group sent by the Persians.
(c) The Egyptians are the second group sent by the Persians.
(d) The Sacae are the second group sent by the Persians.

4. When the dog chases the rabbit between the two armies and then kills it, what do the Greeks think it means?
(a) They take it as a sign that the Persians will overpower them.
(b) They find it amusing and take it as good entertainment.
(c) They think that the dog crushing the rabbit in its jaws signifies the empire of Persia crushing Greece.
(d) They take it as a sign that they will be victorious.

5. Why is Xerxes having trouble sleeping?
(a) He cannot sleep after the slaughter of battle.
(b) He has dysentery.
(c) He is being plagued by nightmares and guilt over the desecration of Leonidas' body.
(d) He has contracted a terrible illness from one of the injured soldiers.

Short Answer Questions

1. When does Xeones see Xerxes face-to-face before he is summoned?

2. When king Leonidas gives his speech on the night of the arrival of the Persian force, to whom is he speaking?

3. How many men make up the party that attacks Xerxes' tent?

4. How does Leonidas appear to Xerxes in his dream?

5. Why do the Spartans decide to send only three hundred soldiers to Thermopylae?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is Rooster spared and why?

2. Describe the Medes who first entered battle with the Greeks.

3. What happens when Leonidas frees the helots on the last day of battle?

4. What does Arete offer Xeones? What is Xeones' response?

5. Why does Arete claim the child of Rooster is really the child of her husband Dienekes? What unforeseen effect does this have?

6. What disturbs Xerxes, the Persian king?

7. What happens when Rooster returns to the Greeks on the second day of battle?

8. What factors push the Spartans into a decisive battle with the Persians?

9. What happens when the Greeks enter the tent of Xerxes that ultimately saves his life?

10. Describe the plan to assault Xerxes in his own tent.

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