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Steven Pressfield
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many Persians are in the advance force that takes Athens?
(a) There are fifty thousand men.
(b) There are several thousand.
(c) There are only three hundred.
(d) There are twenty thousand.

2. When does Darius of Persia die?
(a) He dies three years before the battle at Antirhion.
(b) He dies during the battle at Antirhion.
(c) He dies three years after the battle at Antirhion.
(d) He dies on the Ides of March.

3. Why does Arete give Xeones coins?
(a) She is bribing him to remain silent of what he saw when he caught her with Polynikes.
(b) She gives him the money to run away with and avoid death with the three hundred.
(c) She is paying him for his service to her husband.
(d) She gives him the money as a gift for his birthday.

4. How many children does Alexandros father by the age of twenty?
(a) He has three daughters.
(b) He has a son and a daughter who are twins.
(c) He has twin sons.
(d) He has twin sons and then a daughter.

5. What does the Oracle of Apollo at Delphi tell the Athenians?
(a) The wooden wall alone shall not fail you.
(b) The enemy will overrun and destroy you.
(c) Fly to the corners of the earth.
(d) Only with the Spartans may you defeat the enemy.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do the Persian forces surround the Greeks?

2. What is the reason that Xerxes comes to Greece?

3. Who does Xeones list off as some of the members of the tent raiding party?

4. In Chapter 28, which Persian deserter asks for Xeones by name?

5. Who comes for Rooster after he turns down the offer of mothax?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why do the Persian soldiers not hinder the Greeks in their escape?

2. Describe what the Persians do to the body of the Spartan king, Leonidas.

3. What happens when the Greeks enter the tent of Xerxes that ultimately saves his life?

4. What disturbs Xerxes, the Persian king?

5. Why does Xerxes not want to face the Spartans in Sparta?

6. Describe the plan to assault Xerxes in his own tent.

7. What kinds of items do the Spartan soldiers carry with them?

8. What does Arete offer Xeones? What is Xeones' response?

9. Why does Arete claim the child of Rooster is really the child of her husband Dienekes? What unforeseen effect does this have?

10. Why do the Spartans decide to send only 300 men?

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