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Steven Pressfield
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do the Spartans use that method to count their dead?
(a) It helps to keep their minds occupied and off of the fact that only moments earlier they were slaughtering men like farmers reaping wheat.
(b) It is done to confuse the enemy.
(c) It is an ancient tradition that has been passed down for generations.
(d) It is the Spartan law that the dead be counted in such a way.

2. How many sons has Arete born Dienekes?
(a) They have had many sons.
(b) They have had three sons.
(c) They have had only daughters.
(d) They have had one son.

3. What punishment do Alexandros and Xeones receive?
(a) They are locked in a small cell.
(b) They are whipped.
(c) They are heavily lectured on responsibility, but otherwise let off the hook.
(d) They are given extra labor.

4. Why does Xeones go out into a snowstorm to freeze to death?
(a) He is depressed that he cannot fight with a spear.
(b) He is depressed that his girlfriend broke up with him.
(c) He is depressed that his family is dead.
(d) He prefers a death by freezing to the slow, painful death he will have due to his fever.

5. According to Xeones, each Spartan soldier goes into battle with at least one what?
(a) Each Spartan soldier goes into battle with at least one helot.
(b) Each Spartan soldier goes into battle with at least one horse.
(c) Each Spartan soldier goes into battle with at least one Darning Needle.
(d) Each Spartan soldier goes into battle with at least one spear.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the Egyptian number the Persian fleet?

2. Who were the first soldiers to arrive at Thermopylae?

3. What does Dienekes tell the Egyptian about freedom?

4. Who is Paraleio?

5. What do the Spartans call their science of fear discipline?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does the lady Arete reveal to Xeones?

2. How does Dienekes feel about Tommie's suggestion that Sparta join Persia by choice?

3. Why does the author jump from place to place in the story?

4. Describe the battlefield at Antirhion.

5. Describe the relationship between Alexandros and Xeones.

6. Why do the Spartans punish their young boys by whipping them?

7. What is the outcome of the battle?

8. Why does Xerxes want to hear about the Spartans?

9. What is a helot?

10. What is the concern of the lady Paraleio, Alexandros' mother?

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