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Steven Pressfield
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Leonidas say is the tell-all when battle comes?
(a) He says that physical strength will tell all.
(b) He says that devotion to the gods will tell all.
(c) He says that practice of arms will tell all.
(d) He says that courage will tell all.

2. What is Xeones' proof that he was there, and not that he simply heard of it?
(a) He shows Xerxes the place where his blade tore the wall of the tent in a back corner.
(b) He has several witnesses who admit that they saw him there.
(c) He can offer only his word of honor that he is telling the truth.
(d) He recognizes the officer who threw the axe at him and wounded Alexandros.

3. How many children does Alexandros father by the age of twenty?
(a) He has twin sons and then a daughter.
(b) He has three daughters.
(c) He has twin sons.
(d) He has a son and a daughter who are twins.

4. Who throws an axe at Xeones and cuts Alexandros' wrist during the tent raid?
(a) It is the Persian general Mardonius.
(b) It is the traitor, Rooster.
(c) It is the lady Artemisia.
(d) It is king Xerxes.

5. Once the Spartans make their discovery, what do they do about it?
(a) They split into two teams, and pursue both the mission and the new discovery.
(b) They send Telamonias back to report to Leonidas.
(c) They ignore it and continue with the mission.
(d) They abandon their mission.

6. Other than Ball Player and the dog, who is the other volunteer?
(a) He is a merchant from Miletus, and his name is Elephantinos.
(b) Tommie the Egyptian joined the Greeks.
(c) The other volunteer is Minoas, a traitor from the Persian army.
(d) The other volunteer is Olaph, the wandering Arab.

7. Why do the Phokians miss the meeting?
(a) They are attacked and must remain to defend their city.
(b) They go over to the Persian side.
(c) They are nearly overrun by the Persians, so they flee.
(d) They have all been slain by the Persians.

8. How is Rooster related to Dienekes?
(a) Rooster is his brother's bastard son.
(b) Rooster is his son.
(c) Rooster is his friend.
(d) Rooster is not related to Dienekes.

9. Why does Artemisia tell Xerxes that he cannot leave the field of battle?
(a) If Xerxes leaves his army in the hands of a general, the general might return victorious from Greece only to take over the empire for himself.
(b) She tells Xerxes that by returning to Persia, he would be missing a grand show in the defeat of the Greeks.
(c) She tells him that if he leaves after the Oracle spoke to the Spartans, that all of Greece would say that he was running from a dream.
(d) The Persians have no hope of taking Greece without their king.

10. What does the Oracle of Apollo at Delphi tell the Athenians?
(a) Fly to the corners of the earth.
(b) The enemy will overrun and destroy you.
(c) Only with the Spartans may you defeat the enemy.
(d) The wooden wall alone shall not fail you.

11. What is the last thing that Xerxes says to Xeones as Chapter 19 closes?
(a) "No one could have breached my tent and survived it, therefore you are lying. I suggest that you be totally honest with me in the future, Greek."
(b) "You are either the bravest warrior or the biggest fool to ever walk the earth"
(c) "Why would you tell me such a thing, that I may know of your offense and kill you outright?"
(d) "Please, my friend, continue your tale. Tell it as you wish, in whatever manner the god instructs you."

12. What oath does Alexandros swear the night of Rooster's trial?
(a) He swears that he will carry out the orders of the krypteis give him.
(b) He swears that he will show mercy on Rooster in honor of their friendship.
(c) He swears that Rooster will never be seen again.
(d) He swears that if ever Rooster meets them on the field of battle, that he will slay Rooster himself.

13. What message does Leonidas leave for Greeks who are conscripted into service to the Persians?
(a) You have no choice. You are forgiven.
(b) It is better to die free than live a slave.
(c) If under compulsion you must fight us your brothers, fight badly.
(d) You are traitors. May the gods curse you all.

14. Who vouches for Xeones that he did not overhear details of the raid from the surgeons?
(a) Artemisia tells the king that the surgeons would not have known of such an attack.
(b) Mardonius speaks up for Xeones' honor.
(c) King Xerxes trusts Xeones, and declares his words true.
(d) Orontes, captain of the Immortals informs the king that Xeones was never once left alone with them.

15. Where are the Persians as Chapter 18 opens?
(a) They are just leaving Thermopylae.
(b) They are at the Three-Cornered Way in Attika.
(c) They are a few miles outside of Sparta.
(d) They are in the hills outside of Thessaly.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Xerxes having trouble sleeping?

2. What does Dienekes order Xeones to do?

3. How does Arete convince the Peers to spare the child of Rooster?

4. What does Dienekes decide that the opposite of fear is?

5. After some of the helots and Thespians leave, about how many are left in the Greek forces?

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