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Steven Pressfield
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the Oracle tell the Spartans?
(a) They will either lose a king, or the city will fall.
(b) They will not lose a single officer, and the city will stand.
(c) They will lose a king, and then the city will fall.
(d) They will lose many soldiers, but they will win the fight.

2. Why does Leonidas include inexperienced soldiers in the three hundred?
(a) He runs out of heroes, and is forced to include young men who have little or no fighting experience.
(b) All of his experienced fighters are old, and he wants some young muscle to help carry the workload.
(c) He hand selects each soldier, knowing that all of them will die, because he needs men that are expendable.
(d) He believes that the chain is made stronger by including unproven links mixed in with the more experienced.

3. What does Leonidas say is the tell-all when battle comes?
(a) He says that courage will tell all.
(b) He says that devotion to the gods will tell all.
(c) He says that practice of arms will tell all.
(d) He says that physical strength will tell all.

4. What message does Leonidas leave for Greeks who are conscripted into service to the Persians?
(a) If under compulsion you must fight us your brothers, fight badly.
(b) It is better to die free than live a slave.
(c) You have no choice. You are forgiven.
(d) You are traitors. May the gods curse you all.

5. Why does Leonidas keep the three hundred from getting new cloaks?
(a) He feels that there is no time for the ceremony, and that he and his men must leave immediately.
(b) He feels that it would be a waste of the city's resources to replace the cloaks of men who will not get to use them long.
(c) He wants to wait until after the battle so the new cloaks won't get torn and bloody.
(d) He wants to wait until after the battle so he will not get cloaks for those who won't survive.

6. How many children does Xeones father?
(a) He only has one child, a son.
(b) He has two daughters.
(c) He has two sons.
(d) He has a son and a daughter.

7. What does the merchant's sign say?
(a) It says "The best service in all the land."
(b) It says "The best service only for you, my friend."
(c) It says "The best service only for you, my foreskin."
(d) It says "The best service in all of Greece."

8. How do the Persian forces surround the Greeks?
(a) They are told of a moutain pass by a Greek traitor.
(b) They sail around and march up from behind.
(c) They go around the mountain.
(d) They sneak around the Greeks during the night.

9. What does the Oracle of Apollo at Delphi tell the Athenians?
(a) Only with the Spartans may you defeat the enemy.
(b) The enemy will overrun and destroy you.
(c) The wooden wall alone shall not fail you.
(d) Fly to the corners of the earth.

10. How many children does Alexandros father by the age of twenty?
(a) He has three daughters.
(b) He has twin sons.
(c) He has twin sons and then a daughter.
(d) He has a son and a daughter who are twins.

11. What is the standing order of Dienekes while on campaign?
(a) Dienekes is to be awakened about mid-day.
(b) Dienekes is to be allowed to sleep until he wakes on his own.
(c) Dienekes is to be awakened two hours before sunrise.
(d) Dienekes is to be awakened with the dawn.

12. How does Rooster originally feel about Alexandros?
(a) He feels that Alexandros is a good friend who will always be loyal to him.
(b) He feels that Alexandros is far braver than he will ever be.
(c) He feels that he is braver and a better warrior than Alexandros, and he hates him.
(d) He loves Alexandros as his own brother, and would allow no harm to come to him.

13. After some of the helots and Thespians leave, about how many are left in the Greek forces?
(a) There are about one hundred men left.
(b) There are about one thousand men left.
(c) There are about five hundred men left.
(d) There are about sixty men left.

14. What does Xerxes believe about Xeones' story?
(a) He believes it is true, but has no bearing on the battles ahead.
(b) He believes it all to be lies.
(c) He believes that it is true and pertinent to the war efforts.
(d) He finds it entertaining, but is unsure of its truth.

15. Why do the Lokrians not make the meeting?
(a) They got the time wrong, as the months have different names than in Sparta.
(b) They turned to the Persian side.
(c) They were already defeated.
(d) They were afraid of the Persians, and fled.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 28, which Persian deserter asks for Xeones by name?

2. What does Lady Arete's letter to Diomache say?

3. Why does Arete give Xeones coins?

4. For what valor in battle is Rooster offered new status as mothax?

5. Why does Artemisia tell Xerxes that he cannot leave the field of battle?

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