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Steven Pressfield
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who do the Spartans encounter on their way out of the Persian camp?
(a) They do not encounter anyone on their flight from the Persian camp.
(b) They come across Persian soldiers rising for the morning.
(c) They run into another group of Egyptian marines.
(d) They are seen by General Mardonius.

2. Why do the Phokians miss the meeting?
(a) They are attacked and must remain to defend their city.
(b) They have all been slain by the Persians.
(c) They go over to the Persian side.
(d) They are nearly overrun by the Persians, so they flee.

3. Who are the non-Spartan members of the raiding party?
(a) They are Tommie and Dithyrambos.
(b) They are Dithyrambos and Doreion.
(c) They are Rooster and Ball Player.
(d) They are Rooster and Tommie.

4. What does the Oracle of Apollo at Delphi tell the Athenians to do about the Persian invasion?
(a) The Oracle tells them to bargain with Persia.
(b) The Oracle tells them to stand and fight for their freedom.
(c) The Oracle tells them to fly to the ends of the earth.
(d) The Oracle tells them to remain neutral.

5. Other than Ball Player and the dog, who is the other volunteer?
(a) The other volunteer is Olaph, the wandering Arab.
(b) The other volunteer is Minoas, a traitor from the Persian army.
(c) He is a merchant from Miletus, and his name is Elephantinos.
(d) Tommie the Egyptian joined the Greeks.

6. What does the Oracle tell the Spartans?
(a) They will either lose a king, or the city will fall.
(b) They will not lose a single officer, and the city will stand.
(c) They will lose many soldiers, but they will win the fight.
(d) They will lose a king, and then the city will fall.

7. Why does Leonidas include inexperienced soldiers in the three hundred?
(a) He hand selects each soldier, knowing that all of them will die, because he needs men that are expendable.
(b) He believes that the chain is made stronger by including unproven links mixed in with the more experienced.
(c) All of his experienced fighters are old, and he wants some young muscle to help carry the workload.
(d) He runs out of heroes, and is forced to include young men who have little or no fighting experience.

8. Who comes for Rooster after he turns down the offer of mothax?
(a) Twenty Peers come for him.
(b) The royal guard came for him.
(c) No one comes for him.
(d) Polynikes and four assassins of the krypteia came for him.

9. Who makes up the only father-son pair in the three hundred?
(a) Dienekes and Rooster are the only father-son pair.
(b) Leonidas and Karneius are the only father-son pair.
(c) Medan and Xeones are the only father-son pair.
(d) Olympieus and Alexandros are the only father-son pair.

10. Where are the Persians as Chapter 18 opens?
(a) They are at the Three-Cornered Way in Attika.
(b) They are in the hills outside of Thessaly.
(c) They are just leaving Thermopylae.
(d) They are a few miles outside of Sparta.

11. What nation is the second to assault the Greeks?
(a) The Medes are the second group sent by the Persians.
(b) The Armenians are the second group sent by the Persians.
(c) The Egyptians are the second group sent by the Persians.
(d) The Sacae are the second group sent by the Persians.

12. When does Xeones see Xerxes face-to-face before he is summoned?
(a) He is a member of the raiding party that attempts to kill Xerxes in his tent.
(b) He sees Xerxes in a dream of prophesy.
(c) He sees Xerxes in battle.
(d) He sees Xerxes in the Persian court while traveling as a child.

13. How many children does Alexandros father by the age of twenty?
(a) He has twin sons.
(b) He has three daughters.
(c) He has twin sons and then a daughter.
(d) He has a son and a daughter who are twins.

14. Why is Xerxes having trouble sleeping?
(a) He has dysentery.
(b) He cannot sleep after the slaughter of battle.
(c) He has contracted a terrible illness from one of the injured soldiers.
(d) He is being plagued by nightmares and guilt over the desecration of Leonidas' body.

15. How many children does Xeones father?
(a) He has two sons.
(b) He has two daughters.
(c) He has a son and a daughter.
(d) He only has one child, a son.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the standing order of Dienekes while on campaign?

2. What does Dienekes order Xeones to do?

3. What is the purpose of an all-sire unit?

4. Who appears to Diomache in a dream after she aborted her pregnancy and was ill?

5. How do the Persian forces surround the Greeks?

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