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Steven Pressfield
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who are the two narrators of this story?
(a) There is only one narrator, Xeones.
(b) The scribe and Xeones are the narrators.
(c) Ball Player and Rooster are the narrators.
(d) Xerxes and Leonidas are the narrators.

2. What is exoterike harmoniea?
(a) Exoterike harmoniea is a state of union with one's fellows.
(b) Exoterike harmoniea is a state of self composure attained through the control of fear.
(c) Exoterike harmoniea is the musical harmony of a multistringed instrument.
(d) Exoterike harmoniea is a composition dedicated to the gods.

3. What happens to Xeones when he is caught stealing?
(a) The farmers beat him severely.
(b) The farmers cut off his right hand.
(c) He is made to pay for what he stole.
(d) The farmers drive nails through his hands.

4. How does the Egyptian number the Persian fleet?
(a) He numbers it at about two million men.
(b) He numbers it at sixty squadrons.
(c) He says that the Persian fleet is innumerable.
(d) He numbers it at one hundred ships.

5. What does Dienekes tell Alexandros after Polynikes' lecture?
(a) He tells the boy that someday he'll be able to dish it right back in Polynikes' face.
(b) He tells the boy that he will never amount to anything.
(c) He tells the boy that Polynikes is just full of hot air.
(d) He tells the boy that he will eventually outrank Polynikes anyways.

6. By what warrior code are young Spartans raised?
(a) They are raised according to the code of Chivalry.
(b) They are raised according to Bushido.
(c) They are raised according to the code of Hammurabi.
(d) They are raised according to the Lykurgan warrior code.

7. Who is Paraleio?
(a) She is the cousin of Xeones.
(b) She is the mother of Alexandros.
(c) She is a prostitute.
(d) She is the wife of Xerxes.

8. What is the name of the city-state where Xeones is from?
(a) Xeones is from in Astakos.
(b) Xeones is from in Sparta.
(c) Xeones is from in Athens.
(d) Xeones is from a country farm in Akarnania, not a city-state.

9. Where do Xeones and Diomache separate?
(a) They separate when they reach Athens.
(b) They separate at The Crossroads.
(c) They separate at a fork in the road called Three Corners.
(d) They separate just before reaching Sparta.

10. How old are Xeones and Diomache when they separate?
(a) He is twelve and she is fifteen.
(b) He is nine and she is twelve.
(c) He is twelve and she is nine.
(d) He is fifteen and she is twelve.

11. Xeones tells of an exercise that the people in the baggage train practice where they serve as punching bags for the Spartan heavy infantry. What is this exercise called?
(a) It is called sparring.
(b) It is called The Breaking.
(c) It is called The Ploughman's Blade.
(d) It is called The Oak.

12. Who is Xerxes?
(a) He is a great hero of the Punic Wars.
(b) He is the king of the Persian empire.
(c) He is the narrator of the story.
(d) He is the king of the Spartan city-state.

13. What does Polynikes do when he catches Alexandros handling his shield improperly?
(a) He beats the boy senseless.
(b) He bans Alexandros from the practice fields for life.
(c) He puts the boy through a lengthy and humiliating training drill.
(d) He kindly shows the boy the proper way of handling the shield.

14. What is the purpose of the speech Leonidas gives after this battle?
(a) He berates them for their lack of courage and for their weakness.
(b) He thanks the survivors and honors the fallen, while refocusing their attention on the main battle to come.
(c) He congratulates them on the victory, and commends their behavior towards the prisoners.
(d) He congratulates them on their great victory and releases them for a day to pillage the city.

15. Who were the first soldiers to arrive at Thermopylae?
(a) The Spartan heavy infantry were first to arrive.
(b) The Thespians were the first to arrive.
(c) The Spartan Rangers were first to arrive.
(d) The Persians were the first to arrive.

Short Answer Questions

1. After their return to Sparta, how does Alexandros tell Polynikes the battle made him feel?

2. What punishment do Alexandros and Xeones receive?

3. What does the Egyptian tell the Spartans about the Persian invasion?

4. Alexandros wants to go to battle with the older Spartans. Who tries to stop him?

5. What is oktonyktia?

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