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Steven Pressfield
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Apollo tell Xeones about the spear in his vision?
(a) Apollo tells Xeones that the spear is an inelegant weapon.
(b) Apollo tells Xeones that he will be killed by with a spear.
(c) Apollo tells Xeones that the spear will be the salvation of Sparta.
(d) Apollo tells Xeones that the spear is a great weapon.

2. What is the reason for Xeones returning to life?
(a) Xeones returns to avenge his people.
(b) Due to the violent nature of his death, the spirit of Xeones can not pass on to the world of the dead.
(c) Xeones returns to warn the Spartan people that the battle has been lost.
(d) Xeones is to tell the story of the Battle of Thermopylae.

3. What do the Spartans do when they reach the field of battle?
(a) They send some men to sneak around and flank the enemy.
(b) They calmly go about getting ready for battle, and wait for the enemy.
(c) They charge recklessly into the melee.
(d) They immediately retreat.

4. How do the Spartans view war?
(a) The Spartans see war as a terrible abomination.
(b) The Spartans see war as the only way to peace.
(c) The Spartans see war to be simply work in the business of killing as many of the enemy as possible.
(d) The Spartans see war as a good form of population control.

5. To whom does Rooster become a squire?
(a) He became the squire of Dienekes.
(b) He becomes the squire of Olympieus.
(c) He becomes the squire of Xerxes.
(d) He becomes the squire of Leonidas.

6. Why does Polynikes feel that Spartans are superior to any other people?
(a) He feels that all men are equal.
(b) He says that they are better because of war and manly valor.
(c) He says that the Spartans are far more intelligent than anyone else.
(d) He feels that the gods show more favor to the Spartans than to anyone else.

7. What is the name of the city-state where Xeones is from?
(a) Xeones is from in Astakos.
(b) Xeones is from in Sparta.
(c) Xeones is from in Athens.
(d) Xeones is from a country farm in Akarnania, not a city-state.

8. Thermopylae is described as what?
(a) Thermopylae is described as a small fishing village where the Persians land their invasion force.
(b) Thermopylae is described as a holy place, dedicated to the worship of the gods.
(c) Thermopylae is described as an ancient battle ground where many battles have taken place over the centuries.
(d) Thermopylae is described as a place where travelers go to use the hot mineral baths.

9. In Chapter 9, who dies on the final night of the training exercise?
(a) Dekton dies on the final night.
(b) Alexandros dies on the final night.
(c) Rooster dies on the final night.
(d) Hermion dies on the final night.

10. Who is the half helot's father?
(a) His father is a member of the council.
(b) His father is king Leonidas.
(c) His father had been a Spartan soldier.
(d) His father is a farmer.

11. What does Xeones become in the Spartan army?
(a) He becomes a spearman.
(b) He becomes a swordsman.
(c) He becomes an archer.
(d) He becomes a general.

12. What happens to Xeones when he is caught stealing?
(a) The farmers beat him severely.
(b) The farmers cut off his right hand.
(c) The farmers drive nails through his hands.
(d) He is made to pay for what he stole.

13. What obstacle separates the two sides of the battleground?
(a) A palisade bisects the field.
(b) A creek bisects the field.
(c) A swift river runs through the center of the field.
(d) A low stone wall bisects the field.

14. Who is Diomache?
(a) Diomache is the cousin of Xeones.
(b) Diomache is the wife of Leonidas.
(c) Diomache is the concubine of Xerxes.
(d) Diomache is one of the three Fates of Greek mythology.

15. Where does the Spartan king march and fight, relative to the rest of his army?
(a) The king remains at the front of the lines, where he can be a part of the action at all times.
(b) The king commands from the back of the army where it is safer.
(c) The king usually stays at the center of his army, so that his men surround him at all times.
(d) The king does not go with his army, but sends a general in his stead.

Short Answer Questions

1. What causes Xeones to continue the story?

2. How do the Spartans count their dead?

3. What is the name of the half helot friend of Xeones?

4. Why do the Antirhions lose the battle?

5. Where do Xeones and Diomache separate?

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