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Steven Pressfield
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. For what is Xeones punished after the battle at Antirhion?
(a) He is punished for his recklessness on the field of battle.
(b) He is punished for not reporting in a timely fashion.
(c) He is punished for mouthing off to a superior officer.
(d) He is punished for following the army.

2. Where is Rooster's mother's city?
(a) His mother's city is Sparta.
(b) His mother's city is Messenia.
(c) His mother's city is Athens.
(d) His mother's city is Antirhion.

3. Why is Xerxes warned about the story of the Spartans?
(a) It is false.
(b) It is difficult to understand.
(c) It is long and boring.
(d) It contains much foul language.

4. Who is Diomache?
(a) Diomache is the cousin of Xeones.
(b) Diomache is one of the three Fates of Greek mythology.
(c) Diomache is the wife of Leonidas.
(d) Diomache is the concubine of Xerxes.

5. Why do the Spartans use that method to count their dead?
(a) It is the Spartan law that the dead be counted in such a way.
(b) It helps to keep their minds occupied and off of the fact that only moments earlier they were slaughtering men like farmers reaping wheat.
(c) It is an ancient tradition that has been passed down for generations.
(d) It is done to confuse the enemy.

6. What is othismos?
(a) Othismos is the initial collision on the battlefield and the chaos that follows.
(b) Othismos is the euphoria that comes upon the victor after a battle.
(c) Othismos is one of the ancient Spartan sacrificial rites.
(d) Othismos is a field near Sparta where the Spartan boys train.

7. By what warrior code are young Spartans raised?
(a) They are raised according to the code of Chivalry.
(b) They are raised according to Bushido.
(c) They are raised according to the Lykurgan warrior code.
(d) They are raised according to the code of Hammurabi.

8. What is the half helot's nickname?
(a) His nickname is Suicide.
(b) His nickname is Dog.
(c) His nickname is Bob.
(d) His nickname is Rooster.

9. Why does Diomache feel that no man will want her?
(a) She is ugly.
(b) She has a large scar on her face.
(c) She was raped.
(d) She is too old.

10. What do the Spartans do when they reach the field of battle?
(a) They send some men to sneak around and flank the enemy.
(b) They charge recklessly into the melee.
(c) They immediately retreat.
(d) They calmly go about getting ready for battle, and wait for the enemy.

11. How does Polynikes react to Alexandros' answer?
(a) He is happy.
(b) He is angered.
(c) He is saddened.
(d) He does not care.

12. Who is Xerxes?
(a) He is the narrator of the story.
(b) He is the king of the Spartan city-state.
(c) He is the king of the Persian empire.
(d) He is a great hero of the Punic Wars.

13. What does Xeones become in the Spartan army?
(a) He becomes an archer.
(b) He becomes a general.
(c) He becomes a spearman.
(d) He becomes a swordsman.

14. As Chapter 2 opens, what does Xeones say that the word Thermopylae means?
(a) It is Egyptian profanity.
(b) It is Greek for "hot gates".
(c) It is Greek for "hot springs".
(d) It is Greek for "spa".

15. How do the Spartans count their dead?
(a) They each have half of a twig with their names on them, and the other half is in a basket. After the battle, they all match their halves to the others in the basket and count the remaining twigs.
(b) They walk the field of battle and count the dead.
(c) The senior surviving officer calls out the names of the soldiers, and who ever doesn't answer is counted as dead.
(d) They stand in formation and count off.

Short Answer Questions

1. What are the names of the two dogs that Xeones and Diomache find?

2. Why does Xeones refuse to narrate anymore?

3. What does Leonidas do after the Antirhion king surrenders?

4. What punishment do Alexandros and Xeones receive?

5. Who is Dienekes' squire?

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