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Steven Pressfield
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As Chapter 2 opens, what does Xeones say that the word Thermopylae means?
(a) It is Egyptian profanity.
(b) It is Greek for "hot springs".
(c) It is Greek for "hot gates".
(d) It is Greek for "spa".

2. What does Polynikes do after dealing with Alexandros?
(a) He sends everyone home for the day.
(b) He puts all of the boys through the standard shield handling drills.
(c) He storms off the practice field in disgust.
(d) He reports the boy's failure to his superiors.

3. Who is Paraleio?
(a) She is a prostitute.
(b) She is the mother of Alexandros.
(c) She is the cousin of Xeones.
(d) She is the wife of Xerxes.

4. Who is the half helot's father?
(a) His father is a farmer.
(b) His father is a member of the council.
(c) His father had been a Spartan soldier.
(d) His father is king Leonidas.

5. The first time Xeones sees the Persian fleet, he meets an Egyptian. What was the Egyptian's name?
(a) His name was Agamemnon.
(b) His name was Ptammitechus.
(c) His name was Steve.
(d) His name was Tommie.

6. Who is Xeones' sparring partner?
(a) Rooster is Xeones' sparring partner.
(b) Alexandros is Xeones' sparring partner.
(c) Polynikes is Xeones' sparring partner.
(d) Xerxes is Xeones' sparring partner.

7. What does Dienekes teach about fear?
(a) He teaches that fear is a very real, and dangerous thing.
(b) He teaches that fear is silly and unmanly.
(c) He teaches that the only thing to fear is fear itself.
(d) He teaches that fear defeats the enemies of Sparta.

8. What does Apollo tell Xeones about the spear in his vision?
(a) Apollo tells Xeones that the spear is an inelegant weapon.
(b) Apollo tells Xeones that the spear is a great weapon.
(c) Apollo tells Xeones that he will be killed by with a spear.
(d) Apollo tells Xeones that the spear will be the salvation of Sparta.

9. Xeones tells of an exercise that the people in the baggage train practice where they serve as punching bags for the Spartan heavy infantry. What is this exercise called?
(a) It is called The Breaking.
(b) It is called sparring.
(c) It is called The Oak.
(d) It is called The Ploughman's Blade.

10. In Chapter 9, who dies on the final night of the training exercise?
(a) Alexandros dies on the final night.
(b) Hermion dies on the final night.
(c) Dekton dies on the final night.
(d) Rooster dies on the final night.

11. Thermopylae is described as what?
(a) Thermopylae is described as a place where travelers go to use the hot mineral baths.
(b) Thermopylae is described as an ancient battle ground where many battles have taken place over the centuries.
(c) Thermopylae is described as a holy place, dedicated to the worship of the gods.
(d) Thermopylae is described as a small fishing village where the Persians land their invasion force.

12. What is the preferred weapon of Suicide?
(a) He prefers to use a longbow.
(b) He prefers to use his spear, the Eight-footer.
(c) He prefers to use his short javelins, called Darning Needles.
(d) He prefers to use his two short swords.

13. What is Hermion's nickname?
(a) He is called Pretty Boy.
(b) He is called Mountain.
(c) He is called Rooster.
(d) He is called The Archer.

14. How many sons has Arete born Dienekes?
(a) They have had only daughters.
(b) They have had many sons.
(c) They have had three sons.
(d) They have had one son.

15. What do the Spartans do when they reach the field of battle?
(a) They calmly go about getting ready for battle, and wait for the enemy.
(b) They immediately retreat.
(c) They charge recklessly into the melee.
(d) They send some men to sneak around and flank the enemy.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do the Spartans count their dead?

2. Why does Dienekes initially resist marrying Lady Arete?

3. By what warrior code are young Spartans raised?

4. Who is Xerxes?

5. In the first chapter, about how many Persians are said to have been slain in just three days of battle with the Spartans?

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