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Steven Pressfield
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the first chapter, about how many Persians are said to have been slain in just three days of battle with the Spartans?
(a) About four thousand were slain.
(b) No more than twenty thousand were slain.
(c) No fewer than twenty thousand were slain.
(d) About twenty thousand were slain.

2. What kind of story does Xerxes want to hear in chapter one?
(a) He wants to hear about Spartan life during times of peace.
(b) He wants to hear "the infantryman's tale".
(c) He wants to hear a tale of generals and kings.
(d) He wants to hear "A Tale of Two Cities".

3. Where does Bruxieus tell Xeones and Diomache to go?
(a) He tells them to go to Athens.
(b) He tells them to go to Rome.
(c) He tells them to go to Sparta.
(d) He tells them to go to Thessaly.

4. What do the Spartans call their science of fear discipline?
(a) They call it phobology.
(b) They call it aphobia.
(c) They call it phobologiea.
(d) They call it the void.

5. What does Dienekes tell Alexandros after Polynikes' lecture?
(a) He tells the boy that he will never amount to anything.
(b) He tells the boy that Polynikes is just full of hot air.
(c) He tells the boy that someday he'll be able to dish it right back in Polynikes' face.
(d) He tells the boy that he will eventually outrank Polynikes anyways.

6. How old is Xeones when he flees the destruction of his home?
(a) He is in his middle teens.
(b) He is nine.
(c) He is eighteen.
(d) He is twelve.

7. Why does Polynikes feel that Spartans are superior to any other people?
(a) He feels that all men are equal.
(b) He feels that the gods show more favor to the Spartans than to anyone else.
(c) He says that they are better because of war and manly valor.
(d) He says that the Spartans are far more intelligent than anyone else.

8. Alexandros wants to go to battle with the older Spartans. Who tries to stop him?
(a) His mother tries to stop him.
(b) Leonidas tries to stop him.
(c) Polynikes tries to stop him.
(d) Xeones tries to stop him.

9. Where is Rooster's mother's city?
(a) His mother's city is Messenia.
(b) His mother's city is Sparta.
(c) His mother's city is Antirhion.
(d) His mother's city is Athens.

10. Who is Xerxes?
(a) He is the king of the Spartan city-state.
(b) He is a great hero of the Punic Wars.
(c) He is the king of the Persian empire.
(d) He is the narrator of the story.

11. How old are Xeones and Diomache when they separate?
(a) He is fifteen and she is twelve.
(b) He is twelve and she is nine.
(c) He is nine and she is twelve.
(d) He is twelve and she is fifteen.

12. What does agoge boua mean?
(a) Agoge boua means training platoon.
(b) Agoge boua means eight-nighter.
(c) Agoge boua means battle rage.
(d) Agoge boua means honorable death.

13. How do the Spartans view war?
(a) The Spartans see war to be simply work in the business of killing as many of the enemy as possible.
(b) The Spartans see war as a terrible abomination.
(c) The Spartans see war as the only way to peace.
(d) The Spartans see war as a good form of population control.

14. How are Spartan boys punished?
(a) They are given harsh labor assignments as punishment.
(b) They are starved for short periods of time and totally ignored.
(c) They are whipped with sticks.
(d) They are locked in small rooms, called hotboxes.

15. How does Rooster feel about Alexandros smuggling special salve for Xeones?
(a) He does not care.
(b) He feels like Alexandros should just mind his own business.
(c) He feels that it is reckless.
(d) He admires Alexandros' courage.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does the Spartan king march and fight, relative to the rest of his army?

2. To whom does Rooster become a squire?

3. Who is Suicide?

4. What does Dienekes teach about fear?

5. Why do the Spartans use that method to count their dead?

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