Objects & Places from Gates of Fire

Steven Pressfield
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This ancient Greek city-state is known for its fierce warriors.


This ancient region of Greece becomes the battlegrounds upon which the three hundred Spartans and their allies face the much larger Persian force.

Hot Gates

This is a narrow pass bordered on one side by a mountain wall and on the other by a sheer drop-off to the ocean, which gives the Spartans a tactical advantage over the Persians.


The navy of this Greek city-state defeats the Persian navy and turns the tide of the war.

Astakos in Akarnania

This city-state is sacked by invaders, and is the birth place of Xeones and Diomache.


This protective item is linked together with others, forming a phalanx for smashing into the enemy.

This is the Spartan soldier's primary weapon.


This protective covering hides all of the face, leaving only dark eye slots open.

Darning Needle

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