Gates of Fire Fun Activities

Steven Pressfield
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Weck up to Thees!

The merchant Elephantinos uses the expression "Wake up to this", which due to his accent comes out "Weck up to thees." Have students come up with new sayings for him, and wacky ways for his accent to distort them.

Greece vs. Persia

Have students write an essay contrasting the armies of Persia and Greece. Other than the size of the forces, what is the differences between them? What allows the Greeks to hold out as long as they did, and to cause such damage to such a large force?

Throughout the text, there are many Greek words. Have students use an online program to make a word search puzzle featuring the Greek words from the book.

The Ultimate Sacrifice

The Greeks fight to the death at Thermopylae. A memorial service is held there, and a monument with a short poem is...

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