Gates of Fire Character Descriptions

Steven Pressfield
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This character dies on the final day of the battle, but the god Apollo decides to let him live to tell of what happened at Thermopylae.


This character is a Spartan platoon leader and veteran who is only eligible to be in the three hundred after his wife takes the son of another for her own.


This character chooses the three hundred Spartans who fight at Thermopylae.


While not normally a great warrior, this character does almost kill the Persian king with an eight-foot spear.


This half-Spartan character serves as a helot, but is later offered full citizenship for valor in battle.


This character, being both brutal in battle and totally loyal to his comrades, is the embodiment of the true Spartan warrior.


This character uses shortened javelins, which he calls darning needles, as his weapon of choice.

Lady Arete


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