Gates of Fire Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Steven Pressfield
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Book 1: Xerxes, Chapter 1 - 4

• Xeones, a captive Greek, dictates to a Persian scribe the story of his life and what it means to be Spartan.

• Xeones is killed in battle at Thermopylae, but is returned to life by the god Apollo to tell of what happened.

• Xeones first describes Thermopylae.

• Xeones then tells of how that Agrives betrayed and sacked his city-state, and how he and his cousin Diomache escaped.

Book 1: Xerxes, Chapter 5 - 7

• Xeones, Diomache, and a slave named Bruxieus live as best as they can in the mountains after the attack.

• Some farmers catch Xeones stealing a goose, and they drive stakes through his hands.

• Xeones tells of how boys are whipped in Sparta for punishment, and how they are taught to become unafraid of pain.

• Xeones becomes depressed over his crippled hands, and falls ill and almost dies. He has a vision of Apollo, who...

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