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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Athos do because he senses he is running out of time?
(a) Sends Jakob out more and more often to become self-sufficient.
(b) Writes his book.
(c) Gets Jakob secure financially.
(d) Contacts his family.

2. What do Athos' stories evoke in Jakob?
(a) Images of Jakob's family and friends.
(b) The desire for revenge.
(c) The desire to confront his family's killers.
(d) The need to know what happened to his parents.

3. Of what does Jakob live in constant fear?
(a) Athos making him leave.
(b) His father's ghost ordering his to wreck vengeance.
(c) His mother's ghost wandering.
(d) Hearing the door being kicked in.

4. What does Athos insist that Jakob do?
(a) Write down what he remembers of his family.
(b) Keep up on his Hebrew.
(c) Keep up on his Greek.
(d) Forgive.

5. What does Athos say stones do?
(a) Give a sense of the importance of the moment.
(b) Hold human time.
(c) Give a sense of destiny.
(d) Roots one to their past.

6. What do Athos and Jakob gather?
(a) News.
(b) Pieces of art about the Jewish people.
(c) Pieces of art about the Holocaust.
(d) Fellow strays.

7. What does Jakob say every moment is?
(a) An opportunity.
(b) Pain relived.
(c) Two moments.
(d) A chance.

8. Of what is Athos the last?
(a) His siblings.
(b) A seafaring family.
(c) Those who can interpret a rare hieroglyphic alphabet.
(d) Those who can read a specialized Greek.

9. Where is Jakob's fifteen-year-old sister?
(a) In a boarding school.
(b) She is carried away by the Nazis.
(c) With Jakob in the cave.
(d) With Jakob in the bog.

10. How does Jakob survive?
(a) By relying upon more experienced adulst.
(b) Finds food at night and hides in the day.
(c) Because he was taught to do so.
(d) By the kindness of several stangers.

11. What does Athos say a good deed does?
(a) Starts a domino effect.
(b) Morally advances the dead.
(c) Morally advances the doer.
(d) Erases ten bad deeds.

12. Who hunts down and kills anyone well off?
(a) Communists.
(b) Nazis.
(c) Americans.
(d) Greek revolutionaries.

13. Why does Jakob not return to a grocery he shops at?
(a) He misunderstands the grocer's thick accent.
(b) He hears someone speak German.
(c) He hears a little boy being cursed as a Jew.
(d) He hates the food they sell.

14. About what does Jakob feel wrong?
(a) Leaving Athos' corpse in Toronto.
(b) Being married to Alex and living in a foreign land.
(c) Writing about his sister when she was alive.
(d) Writing about his sister when he does not know if she is alive.

15. Who is Kostas Mitsialis?
(a) The Polish consul.
(b) The mayor of Athens.
(c) An old colleague of Athos.
(d) A Greek Orthodox priest.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Athos?

2. Why does Jakob suffer from scurvy?

3. What is Alex's father's occupation?

4. How do Jakob and Athos improve Jakob's English?

5. What does Athos do for relaxation?

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