Fugitive Pieces Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Where is Jakob Beer at the opening of the novel, and what is he doing?

A young boy, Jakob Beer, emerges from the bog at the Beskupin archeological site as though he were an artifact reborn.

2. What is the Beskupin site?

The Beskupin site, twenty-five centuries old, has been perfectly preserved in peat. It is uncovered over several years by archaeologists, and then deliberately smashed and reburied by the Nazis.

3. What did Jakob Beer witness as he hid in the bog?

As Jakob hides in the bog, he witnesses Nazis smash in the door to his home, kill his parents, and make off with Jakob's beautiful, fifteen-year-old sister, who is too big to hide behind the wallpaper.

4. What does Jakob sense from his hiding place as his family is killed?

From his hiding place in the river, Jakob sees the spirits of the dead ascending. He feels his mother inside him, saying goodbye.

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