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You are a journalist with People magazine. Write an interview with Jakob.

Oppresor and the Oppressed

Divide the class into two groups, numbered one and two. On one day the first group is the oppressor and the second is the oppressed. Switch roles the next day. Class discussion: how did it feel to be oppressed? How did it feel to oppress?

Poetry or Song

Write a poem or a song honoring the heroism of one of the characters in "Fugitive Pieces".


Act out one scene of "Fugitive Pieces" as if it were in a movie.

Jakob and Bella Meet in the Afterlife

Write a dialogue between Jakob and Bella when they meet after death talking about life on earth.

Playing Psychiatrist

Conduct a psychiatric evaluation of Jakob deciding how what happened to him as a boy has affected his emotional health.


Choose several songs that...

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