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Ethnic Groups

Learn about the various ethnic groups in Burma (Myanmar). Have each student make a poster displaying facts and pictures about the group that he or she selects.

Naturalistic Features

Have students research and develop a fact sheet about the naturalistic features, such as flora and fauna in Burma (Myanmar). Alternatively, they can create a 3-D diorama of the naturalistic features.

Letter to the Editor

Have the students write a letter to the editor of a fictitious newspaper about the plight of Aung San Suu Kyi.

Artistic Representation

Have students draw an artistic representation from one of the essays in Freedom from Fear. Have them present the drawing or they painting and explain why the chose to draw certain elements.

Beyond Rangoon

Have the class view the movie "Beyond Rangoon" then have them discuss the parallels between the movie the Freedom from Fear, and Other Writings.

Learn about Burmese Culture

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