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Part 1: Section 1

• This essay first appeared in the 1982 Leaders of Asia series under the title "Aung San of Burma: A Biographical Portrait by his Daughter."

• As Aung San Suu Kyi notes, her father was assassinated two years after her birth. Unable to know him, she instead researched his life.

• Aung San was born in a small township on February 13, 1915, thirty years after the Anglo-Burmese War had ended the monarchy and brought all of Burma under British rule.

• One of Aung San's uncles, U Min Yaung, had led one of the first groups resisting the British (he was captured and beheaded).

• Aung San took pride in this uncle "who had refused to be a subject of the Kalahs ('foreigners from the West')."

• As a young child, Aung San's fantasies included using magic to dispel the British from Burma.

• Aung San later attended both the Buddhist and National Schools (the...

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