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Karen English
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Mama's Got Plans and Moving Day.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is at the top of the list of chores that Mama has for Francie?
(a) Hang out the laundry.
(b) Wash the dishes.
(c) Retrieve the glass jars.
(d) Sweep the kitchen.

2. What does Mama chastise Francie for saying?
(a) Her mother doesn't like Miss Beach.
(b) They won't be moving to Chicago.
(c) Jesse should be in California by now.
(d) Her father has re-married.

3. Who does Francie say is responsible for taking the missing book?
(a) Holly.
(b) Ellen.
(c) Sara.
(d) Maddie.

4. What do the sheriff and his deputy ask Francie and the other children?
(a) If they saw a red pickup truck.
(b) When they last saw Miss Lafayette.
(c) If Francie's father has returned yet.
(d) If they have seen Jesse.

5. What does Prez tell Miss Mabel when he sees her?
(a) He is promoted to the next grade.
(b) He is on the Little League team.
(c) Their family is moving.
(d) The family is going on vacation.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do white children throw at Francie at the drugstore?

2. Miss Beach asks Mama if she can work for two weeks in the ____________________.

3. What is Jesse doing at the Montgomery home?

4. What do Billy and Jack threaten to do to Prez and Perry?

5. Which of the following do Mama and Francie NOT hear after returning home?

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