Objects & Places from Francie

Karen English
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Three Notch

This is a rural region of Noble, Alabama, where several black families reside.

Early Farm

This location has cotton fields that are a source of work for some very poor people.


Francie loves these and she expects to ride one someday and head for a new life in Chicago.


Francie's father sent her these from Chicago, but she does not put them on until she gets to school.

Scooter Pie

These are a cellophane-packaged chocolate-covered graham cracker and marshmallow confection, popular in the South.

Nancy Drew

This young woman plays a detective in novels.


These are special in Francie's life, and she learns from her mother how to create them.


Miss Lafayette and Clarissa give these to Francie and she takes one to her favorite spot to watch the train go by.


This is where Francie's father is living, working as...

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