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Karen English
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Treasure and Our Side of Town, Their Side of Town

• A young girl named Francie Weaver works with her mother, Mama, doing laundry at Miss Beach's Boarding House for Colored.

• Miss Beach's cat, Treasure, repeatedly scratches Francie so she puts the cat in a wardrobe while she finishes her work.

• Francie's father is working as a train porter in Chicago and will send for his family to join him soon.

• When Mama finds out what Francie did to Miss Beach's cat, she whips Francie for putting her job in jeopardy.

• In pain, Francie withholds a letter from her father and she wonders why she sometimes does hateful things.

• Francie's Aunt Lydia is expecting a baby whom Francie hopes to play with one day as Francie's brother, Prez, has their cousin, Perry, to play with.

• As Francie walks to work at Mrs. Montgomery's house, Mabel asks Francie to buy...

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