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Lewis Burwell Puller Jr.
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Sergeant Sorg assist Lewis during his military training?
(a) He mediates between Lewis and Chesty.
(b) He helps Lewis study for the officer candidate exam.
(c) He encourages Lewis to conquer a difficult training hill.
(d) He carries Lewis's pack when Lewis is injured.

2. What prevents Lewis from asking Toddy for a divorce?
(a) Advice from his father.
(b) His religious beliefs.
(c) Seeing Paul with his wife Kathy.
(d) His fear of being alone.

3. What college does Lewis attend?
(a) William and Mary.
(b) Harvard.
(c) George Washinton University.
(d) Princeton.

4. What does Ken Shelleman purchase before embarking on his wartime service?
(a) A new house.
(b) A $100,000 life insurance policy.
(c) A motorcycle.
(d) An expensive red convertible.

5. Who is Corporal Watson?
(a) Squad leader.
(b) The platoon guide.
(c) The senior corpsman.
(d) The radio operator.

6. Why does the platoon carefully bury their garbage?
(a) As part of the policy to keep the area clean.
(b) To keep wild animals out of camp.
(c) To prevent the Vietcong from making booby traps.
(d) To hide their presence from the Vietcong.

7. What does Lewis decide to do before entering military service?
(a) Put himself through a physical training program.
(b) Marry his high school sweetheart.
(c) Buy a red convertible Mustang.
(d) Attend law school.

8. Who is McMoangle?
(a) Lewis's physical therapist.
(b) The doctor in charge of Lewis' hand surgery.
(c) The hospital corpsman who encourages and assists Lewis.
(d) Lewis's firstborn son.

9. What is the name of Lewis's twin sister?
(a) Linda.
(b) Toddy.
(c) Martha.
(d) Virginia.

10. What is Captain Thanh's opinion of Lewis's presence in Vietnam?
(a) Lewis is a savior to the Vietnamese people.
(b) Americans are busybodies and should mind their own business.
(c) Lewis is powerless to affect the Vietnamese destiny.
(d) All Americans are evil.

11. What regret does Lewis have about his first mission in the DMZ?
(a) The enemy found their position.
(b) He lost a good soldier.
(c) He feels he should have been tougher on his men.
(d) His platoon had killed retreating enemy soldiers.

12. Who is Phil Leslie?
(a) The Staff Sergeant who ran the platoon before Lewis' arrival.
(b) One of Nixon's political advisors in Vietnam.
(c) The radio operator who was shot.
(d) The corpsman for Lewis' platoon.

13. What is the Riviera?
(a) The most dangerous patrol area near Camp 413.
(b) The resort area for troops in Vietnam.
(c) A costal area between Italy and France.
(d) An expensive hotel in Las Vegas.

14. Who is Commander Shaughnessey?
(a) The doctor in charge of Lewis's hand surgery.
(b) The hospital corpsman who encourages and assists Lewis.
(c) The nurse who bathes Lewis's wounds.
(d) Lewis's physical therapist.

15. What difficulties do Lewis and his sister have to adapt to when they move to Saluda, Virginia?
(a) Chesty's long absences.
(b) The responsibility of household chores.
(c) The lack of children their own ages.
(d) The sudden changes in climate.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Eddie make?

2. Whose wedding does Lewis attend in Chapter 5?

3. Who is Staff Sergeant Brown?

4. For what honor is Bob Kerrey nominated in Chapter 5?

5. Where is Lewis' unit deployed when he first arrives in Vietnam?

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