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Lewis Burwell Puller Jr.
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of Lewis's father?
(a) Johnathan "Chesty" Pullman.
(b) Lewis "Chesty" Puller.
(c) Lewis "Chesty" Pullman.
(d) Johnathan "Chesty" Puller.

2. What news does Toddy give Lewis in Chapter 2?
(a) She is pregnant.
(b) She will not move away from her parents.
(c) She is leaving him.
(d) She cannot have children.

3. Why does Walter Cronkite report Lewis's injury on the evening news?
(a) Lewis is the son of a war hero.
(b) Lewis sacrificed his safety to protect his platoon.
(c) Lewis was injured while trying to rescue a comrade.
(d) Walter Cronkite is a personal friend of the Puller family.

4. In Chapter 3, what does Lewis ask Toddy to send him?
(a) A photograph.
(b) Paper and pens.
(c) A water poncho.
(d) Canned food.

5. What position does Lewis assign Cowboy?
(a) Radio operator.
(b) Squad leader.
(c) Senior corpsman.
(d) Platoon guide.

6. In Chapter 1, how does Lewis blacken his eye?
(a) From the ricochet of a bb pellet.
(b) From the recoil of a .45-caliber pistol.
(c) By falling out of a deer stand.
(d) By falling off his bike.

7. Why is Lewis's locker raided in Chapter 2?
(a) Because Lewis is a "newbie".
(b) Lewis's friends are trying to help him stop smoking.
(c) Because the thieves want name tags bearing the Puller name.
(d) Lewis has a forbidden stash of chocolate.

8. Which famous actor's stepson also graduates at Lewis' commissioning ceremony?
(a) Jimmy Stewart.
(b) Frank Sinatra
(c) Clark Gable.
(d) Dean Martin.

9. Where is Lewis' unit deployed when he first arrives in Vietnam?
(a) Near the Cua Viet River.
(b) Outside Ho Chi Minh.
(c) Just north of Seoul.
(d) Near the Thanlyin river.

10. Who is Paul Barents?
(a) A double leg amputee and Lewis' roommate in the SOQ.
(b) The hospital corpsman who encourages and assists Lewis.
(c) Lewis's physical therapist.
(d) The doctor in charge of Lewis' hand surgery.

11. What position does Lewis desire in the military?
(a) Artillery officer.
(b) Judge Advocate.
(c) Combat engineer.
(d) Combat platoon leader.

12. Whose wedding does Lewis attend in Chapter 5?
(a) John Zier's wedding.
(b) Ken Shelleman's wedding.
(c) Jim Crotty's wedding.
(d) Martha's wedding.

13. Why do Lieutenant Doan's men complain to Lewis in Chapter 4?
(a) Their patrols are more dangerous.
(b) Lewis' men are loud and obnoxious.
(c) Lewis's men have desecrated an enemy corpse.
(d) They are not being treated fairly.

14. What is the Riviera?
(a) The resort area for troops in Vietnam.
(b) An expensive hotel in Las Vegas.
(c) The most dangerous patrol area near Camp 413.
(d) A costal area between Italy and France.

15. What was Martha's first response upon seeing Lewis?
(a) To hug him.
(b) To cry.
(c) To faint.
(d) To pray silently for his death.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Lewis order a rifle inspection upon taking command of his platoon?

2. In Chapter 1, from what conflict or war had Lewis's father just returned?

3. Whom does Lewis throw a New Year's party for while in the hospital?

4. In Chapter 2, what waiver is Lewis granted?

5. What amazes Lewis about Bob Kerrey?

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