Fortunate Son Fun Activities

Lewis Burwell Puller Jr.
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Privileged Days

Lewis had access to a butler, a cook, yard workers, a military aide, and a driver until his father retired. Write two daily schedules for Lewis, one before and one after his father's retirement.

My Dad, the Hero

As a boy, Lewis sees his father as a hero. As a teen, he realizes his father is human. Draw a picture that the boy Lewis might have had on the refrigerator of his father, the war hero. Sketch another portrait Lewis might have made of his father in his teenage years.

The Pursuit of Pleasure versus the Reality of Life

How does Lewis' view of life change during his college years? Write two letters from Lewis to his father. One letter should be dated from his fraternity days at William and Mary and another from Officer Training School.

Planning a Quick Wedding

Toddy and Lewis have only...

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