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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Flashman's opinion of the Apache's the longer he lives with them?
(a) He thinks they are "monsters."
(b) He likes living with the freedom that they have.
(c) He thinks they are actually very peaceful people.
(d) He softens to their way of life.

2. What does Candy tell Flashman that the "B" in her name stands for?
(a) "Bold" because she is not afraid to stand up for herself.
(b) "Beautiful" which Flashman agrees to.
(c) "Business" during working hours.
(d) "Brave" because she is very brave.

3. How much money does Spotted Tail demand from Sen. Allison?
(a) $76 million.
(b) $6 million.
(c) $40 million.
(d) $25 million.

4. What does Flashman lament upon seeing this woman in the restaurant in Washington D.C.?
(a) That she is what Elspeth used to look like.
(b) That she reminds him of Ko Dali's daughter.
(c) That she is married.
(d) That their ships are passing and they won't ever meet.

5. What opportunity does General Crook miss regarding the Native Americans?
(a) He misses a chance to caputre Spotted Tail.
(b) He misses the chance to see Flashman.
(c) He misses the train westward for a meeting.
(d) He misses a chance to capture Crazy Horse.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Grant ask Flashman as Flashman is leaving their meeting?

2. Before Carson and Flashman part ways, what does Carson tell Flashman about Wootton?

3. What happens to Flashman's shoulder after he is shot?

4. What is the woman that Flashman notices in the restaurant in Washington D.C. wearing that does not detract from her beauty?

5. What has gone almost extinct, which dooms the Native American way of life?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Grant ask Flashman to advise Senator Allison's commission?

2. Who is Crazy Horse and what is his attitude towards Americans?

3. Why does Flashman say he is glad that he isn't present for Spotted Tail's rejection of Senator Allison's offer for the Black Hills?

4. Describe why Flashman is spared a gruesome death like the other scalp-hunters.

5. How does Flashman flatter himself about Sonsee-array?

6. Describe the conflict between the Native Americans and the U.S. Government as portrayed in the novel.

7. Describe the issue that is going on in the Black Hills.

8. Describe Flashman's escape from the Apaches.

9. How does Candy act strangely after having slept with Flashman? Why is it strange?

10. How does Flashman describe Chief Mangas Colorado?

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