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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How much money does Spotted Tail demand from Sen. Allison?
(a) $40 million.
(b) $6 million.
(c) $25 million.
(d) $76 million.

2. What Native American language does Flashman master?
(a) Navajo.
(b) Cheyenne.
(c) Souix.
(d) Apache.

3. When Flashman goes to President Grant on Custer's behalf, how does Grant put Flashman in his place?
(a) Grant tells Flashman that he does not need the council of an Englishman.
(b) Grant tells Flashman that he is going to put Custer in prison.
(c) Grant tells Flashman that he has slept with Elspeth.
(d) Grant tells Flashman that Custer is none of Flashman's busniess.

4. What does Flashman consider Chief Mangas Colorado?
(a) A blood-thirsty tyrant.
(b) A bit slow, but nice enough.
(c) A fine psychologist and politician.
(d) A psychopath.

5. What does Mrs. Arthur B. Candy want with Flashman?
(a) She wants him to endorse her business.
(b) She wants to know if he knows Otto von Bismarck.
(c) She wants to sleep with him.
(d) She wants to introduce him to her husband.

6. What does Candy tell Flashman that the "B" in her name stands for?
(a) "Business" during working hours.
(b) "Beautiful" which Flashman agrees to.
(c) "Brave" because she is very brave.
(d) "Bold" because she is not afraid to stand up for herself.

7. Where does Spotted Tail say he learned English?
(a) He married an American woman.
(b) He learned it on the reservation.
(c) He went to live with an American family.
(d) In prison, after the slaughter at Fort Leavenworth.

8. What does Flashman lament upon seeing this woman in the restaurant in Washington D.C.?
(a) That their ships are passing and they won't ever meet.
(b) That she reminds him of Ko Dali's daughter.
(c) That she is married.
(d) That she is what Elspeth used to look like.

9. Who is the woman that Flashman saved from Nugent-Hare?
(a) She was a peasant.
(b) The wife of Chief Mangas Colorado.
(c) The daughter of John Gallantin.
(d) The daughter of Chief Mangas Colorado.

10. Where does Flashman first meet and talk with high-placed men from the Grant Administration (Sherman, Pope and Cook)?
(a) At the White House.
(b) At the Alamo.
(c) In Chicago at Philip Sheridan's wedding.
(d) In London at the Parliament.

11. What makes compliance with the government's order impossible?
(a) Snow.
(b) The Souix will fight.
(c) Wind storms.
(d) A hurricane.

12. Why is Sherman indignant at the idea of doing anything to help their "red brothers?"
(a) Because they continue their violence and refuse to live on the reservations.
(b) Because his wife ran off with a Native American.
(c) Because he can't speak their language.
(d) Because he can't be bothered to lift a finger for anyone but himself.

13. Why does George Custer feel that he has been reverted back to prewar rank of lieutenant colonel?
(a) Because President Grant dislikes him.
(b) Because he didn't do a great job as a general.
(c) Because the war is over.
(d) Because he didn't want to be in a battle any longer.

14. What happens to Flashman's shoulder after he is shot?
(a) It's really sore.
(b) It's barely grazed.
(c) It's only a surface wound.
(d) It's paralyzed.

15. What does Flashman call Geronimo?
(a) Germy.
(b) Nimo.
(c) Yawner.
(d) Hironimo.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Candy do with Flashman?

2. What does Flashman note about the "violence" of the Native Americans at Philip Sheridan's wedding?

3. Where is Camp Robinson located?

4. What has gone almost extinct, which dooms the Native American way of life?

5. Who is the hunter that accompanies Flashman to Fort Laramie?

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