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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens after the caravans come in contact with the stricken natives?
(a) Four people in the caravan get sick.
(b) One person in the caravan gets sick.
(c) Over half the people in the caravan get sick.
(d) They are lucky because no one falls ill.

2. How does Susie threaten her girls?
(a) She threatens to fire them.
(b) She threatens to leave them behind.
(c) She threatens to beat them.
(d) She threatens to sell them.

3. Where does Wootton finally lead the party?
(a) Oregon.
(b) Santa Fe.
(c) California.
(d) Council Grove.

4. What does Flashman do that leads to rebellion?
(a) He takes the Cimarron Road.
(b) He abandons the caravan.
(c) He lowers the food rations.
(d) He decides to head back to Council Grove.

5. What language does Flashman begin to learn while riding with Wootton?
(a) Apache.
(b) Sioux.
(c) Spanish.
(d) Navajo.

6. Once aboard the steamship, what does Flashman notice about the other passengers?
(a) That they are all heading out west to California.
(b) That they are all silent.
(c) That they are all white.
(d) They they are all poor.

7. Where is Flashman and his party headed once they board the smaller boat?
(a) Louisiana.
(b) Texas.
(c) Missouri.
(d) Oregon.

8. How does the author begin Flashman and the Redskins?
(a) In the middle of a battle scene.
(b) With an introduction.
(c) In the middle of a love scene.
(d) With Chapter 1.

9. After the raid with Gallantin's men, how does Flashman deal with his "designated" woman?
(a) He uses force on her.
(b) He lets her escape.
(c) He leaves her alone.
(d) He charms her.

10. What does Flashman do to make himself cry?
(a) He burns himself with a cigar.
(b) He thinks of Elspeth and his son in England.
(c) He purposefully runs his leg into one of Susie's dressing table pins to elicit pain.
(d) He doesn't cry.

11. Why won't the girls tell Susie about Flashman's infidelity?
(a) Because they all want to please Flashman.
(b) Because they are afriad of getting sold.
(c) Because they don't really care.
(d) Because they don't want to hurt Susie.

12. Where does Flashman head to after leaving Santa Fe?
(a) New York.
(b) San Francisco.
(c) Albuquerque.
(d) Los Angeles.

13. In Part 1, The Forty-Niner, how old does Flashman say that he is while writing the memoir?
(a) 89 years old.
(b) He doesn't mention it.
(c) 101 years old.
(d) 75 years old.

14. Who is the Chief-Guard of the expedition?
(a) Wild Bill.
(b) Flashman.
(c) Grattan Nugent-Hare.
(d) Wootton.

15. When asked if he condoned Washington's treatment of the American Indian, how does Flashman reply?
(a) He says that he definitely condones it.
(b) He says that he doesn't condone it, but he doesn't condemn it.
(c) He says that he doesn't really know anything about it.
(d) He says that not only does he not condone it, he condemns it.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Susie's business fare in the new city that she has chosen to set up shop in?

2. Who gets Flashman the job with Captain Spring?

3. Who does Flashman learn are Susie's spies?

4. What is Susie's solution to get Flashman out of New Orleans?

5. What does Flashman do with Cleonie as he is leaving Santa Fe?

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