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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1 The Forty-Niner, pgs. 109-148.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Once aboard the steamship, what does Flashman notice about the other passengers?
(a) That they are all white.
(b) That they are all heading out west to California.
(c) That they are all silent.
(d) They they are all poor.

2. How does Susie threaten her girls?
(a) She threatens to sell them.
(b) She threatens to leave them behind.
(c) She threatens to beat them.
(d) She threatens to fire them.

3. Which Native American tribe does Flashman fear the most?
(a) The Navajo.
(b) The Souix.
(c) The Apache.
(d) The Cheyenne.

4. What does Flashman show the men that he is arguing with?
(a) A pound with the Queen's picture on it.
(b) A scar that he got while in a bar fight.
(c) A place on his head where he was "scalped" by a Native American.
(d) A tattoo of the British flag.

5. What disgusts Flashman after the raid?
(a) That they killed women and children.
(b) That a man assaults a woman in public.
(c) That they are scalping their vicitims.
(d) That they are raping their victims.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Nugent-Hare reveal to Flashman?

2. What does Susie ultimately decide to do after reaching Santa Fe?

3. How does Nugent-Hare consider getting even with Flashman?

4. What briefly about Grattan Nugent-Hare scares Flashman?

5. Who's camp does Flashman enter while riding alone on the prairie?

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