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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2 The Seventy-Sixer, pgs. 250-301.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How much are they charging for claret at the hotel in St. Louis?
(a) One dollar.
(b) Five dollars.
(c) They aren't charging, it is free.
(d) Fifteen dollars.

2. Why does George Custer feel that he has been reverted back to prewar rank of lieutenant colonel?
(a) Because President Grant dislikes him.
(b) Because he didn't do a great job as a general.
(c) Because he didn't want to be in a battle any longer.
(d) Because the war is over.

3. What opportunity does General Crook miss regarding the Native Americans?
(a) He misses a chance to caputre Spotted Tail.
(b) He misses the chance to see Flashman.
(c) He misses the train westward for a meeting.
(d) He misses a chance to capture Crazy Horse.

4. What begins to drive Flashman crazy while on the trip?
(a) Wootton.
(b) The endless prairie.
(c) The Immigrants.
(d) Susie's incessent chatter.

5. What ultimately happens to Vasco?
(a) He is banised from the tribe.
(b) Yawner kills him before he can kill Flashman.
(c) He eventually wins Sonsee-array over.
(d) He is bitten by a rattlesnake.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the U.S. government order the Sioux to do before February?

2. Upon closer inspection of Bent's Fort, what do Flashman and his party find?

3. What do these other caravans consist of?

4. Before Carson and Flashman part ways, what does Carson tell Flashman about Wootton?

5. What briefly about Grattan Nugent-Hare scares Flashman?

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