Flashman and the Redskins Character Descriptions

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Sir Harry Paget Flashman / Beauchamp Millward Comber

This character is the main character, narrator and all around knave.

Susie Willinck

This character is the shrewd but sometimes naive owner of a whorehouse.

Cleonie / Mrs. Arthur B. Candy

This character is the sultry prostitute that our main character and hero beds while on the caravan out west.

William B. Allison

This character is a senator and hot-head who is determined to cheat the Native Americans out of their sacred land--the Black Hills--since gold has been discovered there.


This character is the first prostitute that our main character beds--and only once.

Christopher (Kit) Carson

This character is a historical figure known as "the Napoleon of the Plains." He is soft-spoken and short, but a legend.

Crazy Horse

This character is first introduced as a relative of the leader of the Sioux. When we see this character again, he is...

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