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Part 1 The Forty-Niner, to pg. 54

• Flashman argues with a bleeding heart anthropologist regarding "noble savage."

• Flashman is ejected from the club for being drunk and disorderly.

• Once kicked out, Flashman begins to reminisce about his American adventures.
• Flashman and Capatin James Spring argue regarding some incriminating paperwork.

• Flashman just wants safe passage back to England.

• Captain Spring manages to get the paperwork from Flashman.
• As Flashman goes after Spring, he runs into Peter Omohundro.

• Omohundro knows Flashman as Prescott and remembers that he stole a slave.

• Flashman attempts to persuade Omohundro that he has the wrong man.

• Captain Spring won't vouch for Flashman.
• A fight begins between Captain Spring and Flashman and Peter Omohundo's men.

• Captain Spring kills Omohundro.

• Flashman and Spring take off running.

• Flashman takes Captain Spring to Susie Willinck"s whorehouse, where he expects a warm welcome.

• The whorehouse looks closed, which doesn't seem right...

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