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Short Answer Questions

1. What sound do the boys hear as they make their way to the outskirts of the city?

2. Which of the following is not a form of torture discussed by the narrator in this novel?

3. What motivation does Uncle think Kneadus has in befriending the valet?

4. How does Mrs. Youngblood react when she realizes Joey is in love with her daughter?

5. Which of the following groups of people is not one to whom the narrator compares his literary work?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Mrs. Youngblood react when she sees Zuta walking down the street with a boy she doesn't know?

2. What happens when Pimko also arrives outside Zuta's window while Kopyrda is still inside?

3. What motivation does the narrator say he has for wanting to be a storyteller?

4. What does Joey see when he spies on the Youngblood family as they get ready for the morning in the bathroom?

5. What does the narrator of the novel think about symmetry?

6. How does Kneadus react when he sees the farmhand he has been searching for working at Auntie's house?

7. How does the crowd at the tennis match respond to all the craziness going on around the field?

8. How does Aunt Hurlecka come to Joey's rescue while he is on the outskirts of town?

9. How does Zuta respond when she realizes Joey is spying on her?

10. What causes the epileptic seizure that frightens the crowd of spectators at the tennis match?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The narrator of this novel often interjects his opinions of what is going on and speaks directly to the reading audience. What is accomplished by employing this type of intrusive narrator? What is lost? As a reader, describe your reaction to reading a narrator like this. What did his opinions add to the novel? What did they distract from? Choose at least two examples of scenes from the text that you believe best exemplify and strengthen your argument and describe those scenes in this essay.

Essay Topic 2

Kneadus's main goal for the entire novel is to locate and connect with the farmhand. First, describe the character of the farmhand. What makes this character so desirable to outsiders? Then, describe how Kneadus finally met the farmhand he was searching for. What was the outcome of this meeting? Finally, describe the outside reaction to the idea that a master could befriend a servant. How did this reaction directly affect the relationship between Kneadus and his farmhand?

Essay Topic 3

In Pimko's school, the best attribute a student can have is immaturity. First, describe why immaturity is such an alluring character trait for the students in Pimko's school. Then, describe how the teachers manipulate the immature students' brains. What commentary is Gombrowicz making about academia in general through the use of his overbearing, opinionated teachers? Choose at least two examples of scenes from the text that you believe best exemplify and strengthen your argument and describe those scenes in this essay.

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