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Object Descriptions

The Forest - This is where Joey feels trapped at the beginning of the novel, and where Joey's uncle confronts Kneadus.

The School - This is made up of bores who try to convince the students that they admire classical literature.

The Engineer's House - This is where Joey falls in love with the daughter of the Youngbloods.

Legs - These symbolize modernity, comfortableness with one's body, athleticism, and sexuality.

Mugs - This symbolizes intellectual idealism.

Pupas - This symbolizes childishness and immaturity.

The Branch - This is what is given to a beggar out in the street to hold between his lips.

The Keyhole - This is what Joey peeps at Zuta through.

The Fruit Compote - Joey adds salt, pepper, toothpicks, and bread to this before eating it.

The Tennis Shoe with the Carnation in It - This is what Joey sees as an ultimate...

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