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Chapter 1, Abduction

• Joey, the narrator of the novel, wakes up as a thirty-year old man from a dream, feeling as though he needs to catch a train. In his dream, there were various past versions of himself all ridiculing him. He struggles with his own immaturity.

• As an adult, Joey's aunts beg him to settle down and become a man, so he wrote a book. Critics panned the book, calling it immature. Secretly, Joey agreed with them. Psychologically, he remains about seventeen years old.

• Joey doesn't like writers who write about things outside of their own experiences and psychologies. He knows he is completely shaped by the people in his life, his aunts, school masters, friends, and many others. He is drawn to immaturity because he doesn't have to please anyone in it.

• A doctor named Pimko comes into Joey's room and starts discussing one of Joey's aunts...

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