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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the poem that ends "November Concluded?"
(a) "Ballad of the Skeletons."
(b) "Be Angry at the Sun."
(c) "Howl."
(d) "A Dream Deferred."

2. Fill in the blanks: According to Thompson, American politics have changed from being based on "charisma" to "_______ and ________."
(a) Ink and blood.
(b) Truth and lies.
(c) Smoke and mirrors.
(d) Perception and reality.

3. Who does Thompson quote when he says, "Richard Nixon represents the dark side of the American spirit?"
(a) Timothy Leary.
(b) Bobby Kennedy.
(c) George McGovern.
(d) John Kennedy.

4. According to Thompson, what sort of person is considered to be more of the "yang" in the Yin/Yang?
(a) The smarter preson.
(b) The liar.
(c) The manipulative person.
(d) The direct person.

5. In what way did the passengers on Thompson's plane assure their own entry?
(a) They would get drunk before the flight.
(b) They would arm-wrestle for a seat.
(c) They would claim a certain seat.
(d) They would bring a drug to be shared.

Short Answer Questions

1. In the author's estimation, how is the public beginning to view Nixon?

2. How does Thompson balance his frantic writing with the long periods of boredom in "November?"

3. During the flight in "November," to whom is Thompson referring when he discusses "rebellion amongst the docile"?

4. What two people does Thompson compare to the Yin/Yang?

5. In general, who flies on Thompson's preferred plane?

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