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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does the author posit that politicians dismiss a certain type of vote in "January"?
(a) Very few members of that group will actually vote.
(b) The vote will be as divided as the previous generation's vote.
(c) Their votes do not actually count.
(d) The members of that group usually vote for the least likely candidate.

2. In Thompson's estimation, in "Dark Interlude," what is the real problem with political conflicts?
(a) The politicians are not allowed any secrets.
(b) The politicians refuse to rebalance the power structure within the campaign.
(c) The politicians cannot have any weaknesses in front of the public.
(d) The politicians are not honest with each other.

3. According to Thompson, who was most notably not a target when Bobby Kennedy was assassinated?
(a) Lyndon Johnson.
(b) George Wallace.
(c) George Meany.
(d) Rosey Grier.

4. When Thompson hears a specific sound during the May primary, which group does he claim this sound would particularly distress?
(a) Politicians.
(b) Middle America.
(c) Hippies.
(d) American troops.

5. For what reason does Senator McCarthy visit the factory workers in "May?"
(a) To shake their hands.
(b) To visit where his father used to work there.
(c) To see a factory local to his hometown.
(d) To make sure they are being given proper benefits.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is one of the reasons Thompson is so famous?

2. At the time of this book, who employed Thompson?

3. In "January, February, into March," what is the reason Thompson makes several people angry with him?

4. With which party in Florida does Rubin claim to be registered?

5. What is particularly colorful about the letter exchange in "July?"

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Thompson abruptly switch to ranting about sports at the end of this book?

2. How does Thompson relate the politics of the campaign to the partying of the personnel?

3. How does Thompson describe the feeling for a politician when hearing a particular song in the Nebraska primary?

4. In the Epilogue, what plans does Thompson reveal for his immediate future?

5. In what ways is Thompson introducing new readers to the world of politics?

6. In "August," why does Thompson discuss a demonstration he witnessed during a previous campaign?

7. How does Thompson describe the varying roles of and attitudes toward professional speech writers?

8. How does Eagleton affect McGovern's campaign run?

9. What are Thompson's feelings about Nixon?

10. Describe the confrontation between Mankiewicz and Thompson.

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