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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In "May," according to research, which way does Thompson say is the best and probably only way to win the campaign?
(a) Speeches to rile up the younger crowds.
(b) Promises to withdraw the troops from Vietnam.
(c) Public appearances.
(d) A polished appearance.

2. What is unusual about Thompson's description of himself in the Introduction?
(a) It is not flattering.
(b) He says he refuses to describe himself, but actually does.
(c) He is describing someone else.
(d) It is extremely flattering.

3. With which group does George Wallace apparently have the most affinity?
(a) The students.
(b) The factory workers.
(c) The rich businessmen.
(d) The middle-classes.

4. In the meeting at the ballroom, what does Thompson hypothesize as being Wallace's goal?
(a) Targeting voters.
(b) Dividing voters.
(c) Introducing radical new ideas with traditional promises.
(d) Moving voters to another candidate.

5. What position does Thompson assign politicians, in his analogy of the American political campaign?
(a) Goalie.
(b) Batter.
(c) The rook.
(d) Tight ends.

Short Answer Questions

1. What reason is Thompson given that attempts to diminish the importance of his employer?

2. During "January," what does Thompson say was inappropriate during the previous social setting?

3. Fill in the blank: Journalists can only view ______ as being either worthy of respect or derision.

4. In this book, what is used to separate groups of paragraphs?

5. In Thompson's estimation, in "Dark Interlude," what is the real problem with political conflicts?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is significant about Hunter S. Thompson's description of himself?

2. In the early days of the campaign trail, how does Thompson's demeanor and attire compare to the other journalists?

3. Where are some of the places the campaign visits in "May" and why?

4. How does Jerry Rubin tarnish Thompson's reputation?

5. What are some ways that Thompson organizes this book?

6. What is significant about Eagleton's hiding his battles with depression?

7. Describe Thompson's initial relationships with the other writers.

8. What are some characteristics of Thompson's writing?

9. Why does Thompson encounter difficulty in becoming an official member of the press for the federal government?

10. Describe the relationship between journalists and politicians.

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