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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After Thompson's encounter with Mankiewicz, how does the author's friend recommend they defuse the situation?
(a) Mankiewicz should apologize.
(b) Thompson should apologize.
(c) Mankiewicz should have a drink with Thompson.
(d) Thompson should probably leave.

2. Why is McGovern not able to recover from Eagleton's omissions and lies?
(a) McGovern did nothing for the public to put faith in him.
(b) Eagleton should have revealed his medical history sooner.
(c) Nixon undermined McGovern's efforts to save face.
(d) McGovern's next vice-presidential candidate was too divisive.

3. In "August," what does Thompson remember from a previous campaign?
(a) A concert.
(b) A be-in.
(c) A demonstration.
(d) A party.

4. In Miami in 1972, how do the sit-ins and protests compare to Thompson's experiences on other campaign trails?
(a) They are much wilder.
(b) They are extremely mild.
(c) They are completely effective.
(d) They are poorly organized.

5. What is Thompson unable to explain about his preferred candidate in "October?"
(a) McGovern's lack of success in the polls.
(b) McGovern's inability to make a firm decision.
(c) McGovern's shady past.
(d) McGovern's lack of public speaking skills.

6. What is the name of the poem that ends "November Concluded?"
(a) "A Dream Deferred."
(b) "Be Angry at the Sun."
(c) "Howl."
(d) "Ballad of the Skeletons."

7. Fill in the blanks: Regarding the combination of alcohol and marijuana, one of the female reporters describes taking the drugs as the adult version of ______ and _______.
(a) Caffeine and sugar.
(b) Milk and cookies.
(c) Cigarettes and coffee.
(d) Soda and chips.

8. How does Thompson feel about Nixon's circle of people?
(a) He finds them to be patriotic.
(b) He finds them to be worthy of respect.
(c) He finds them to be very in touch with the public.
(d) He finds them untrustworthy.

9. What two archetypes does Thompson use to further his comparison of two of the candidates to the Yin/Yang?
(a) The lion and the lamb.
(b) The thief and the murderer.
(c) The brute and the liar.
(d) The prince and the pauper.

10. What revelation does Thompson make to the readers about his intoxication on the airplane?
(a) The other journalists are similarly high.
(b) The liquor on the plane is superior to his own.
(c) The atmospheric change sobers him up.
(d) The other journalists are only pretending to be stoned.

11. According to those who disapprove of professional speech writers, what is revealed when politicians use these writers?
(a) A lack of direct thought.
(b) False promises.
(c) The inability of people to think for themselves.
(d) The artifice of politics.

12. In the author's estimation, how is the public beginning to view Nixon?
(a) As a snake.
(b) As a folk-hero.
(c) As an honest gentleman.
(d) As a war-mongerer.

13. Who does Thompson discuss as the reason for his own disillusionment in "November Continued"?
(a) Nixon.
(b) Wallace.
(c) McGovern.
(d) Mankiewicz.

14. In a tongue-in-cheek reference to his employment by the "Rolling Stone," how does Thompson refer to his position as a political writer?
(a) "Bob Dylan with a pen."
(b) "The Keith Richards of journalism."
(c) "Like Hendrix without the guitar."
(d) "Rock-n-roll emissary."

15. In "November Continued," what is the reputation of the journalists Thompson travels with?
(a) They are responsible writers.
(b) They are vitriolic gossip hounds.
(c) They are angry speech writers.
(d) They are talentless hacks.

Short Answer Questions

1. In the author's discussion of the ethos of American politics, what is perception?

2. In his memory of a previous campaign, what does Thompson realize about the police officers?

3. After "November," what form does Thompson's writing take for the rest of the book?

4. During the flight in "November," to whom is Thompson referring when he discusses "rebellion amongst the docile"?

5. Whom did Bobby Kennedy refer to as "the most decent man in the Senate?"

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