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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. For people who are uneasy with Thompson's style of political writing, what sort of writers does he suggest they follow to stay up-to-date with politics?
(a) Sober writers.
(b) Educated writers.
(c) Gonzo journalists.
(d) Speech writers.

2. What two archetypes does Thompson use to further his comparison of two of the candidates to the Yin/Yang?
(a) The brute and the liar.
(b) The lion and the lamb.
(c) The prince and the pauper.
(d) The thief and the murderer.

3. In "November," what begins to plague the author?
(a) Tingling in his limbs.
(b) Irregular heartbeats.
(c) Seizures.
(d) Headaches.

4. What happens between Mankiewicz and Thompson in "August?"
(a) Thompson crashes his motorcycle into Mankiewicz's car.
(b) Mankiewicz reveals some campaign secrets to Thompson.
(c) Thompson is assaulted by the other man.
(d) Thompson buys the other man a drink.

5. What does Thompson allude to having happened with the female reporter who indulged in both marijuana and alcohol?
(a) She slept with the pilot mid-flight.
(b) She would partake in cocaine with Thompson.
(c) She would pass out in the aisle.
(d) She would proposition Thompson.

6. What is Thompson unable to explain about his preferred candidate in "October?"
(a) McGovern's lack of public speaking skills.
(b) McGovern's lack of success in the polls.
(c) McGovern's inability to make a firm decision.
(d) McGovern's shady past.

7. During the campaign Thomas reminisces about in "August," what did the police use to control the crowd?
(a) Noxious gasses.
(b) Nightsticks.
(c) Riot shields.
(d) Guns.

8. Who is Ron Ziegler?
(a) Nixon's personal PR representative.
(b) Nixon's speech writer.
(c) Nixon's secretary of state.
(d) Nixon's vice-president.

9. As a result of what happened between Mankiewicz and Thompson in "August," what do Thompson and his friend suspect Mankiewicz will do in the near-future?
(a) Mankiewicz will owe Thompson a favor in return for not reporting him.
(b) Mankiewicz will pretend nothing ever happened.
(c) Mankiewicz will return to assault Thompson again.
(d) Mankiewicz will likely apologize.

10. How does Thompson describe politicians who decide to become self-aware about the theatricality of their work?
(a) "Honest artwork."
(b) "Overtly meta."
(c) "High comedy."
(d) "Experimental theater."

11. In general, who flies on Thompson's preferred plane?
(a) Press.
(b) Constituents.
(c) Reserve personnel.
(d) Politicians.

12. What is the name of the airplane which carries the reserve personnel during the campaign of 1972?
(a) Kingsport One.
(b) Zoo Plane.
(c) Dakota Queen II.
(d) Air Force Three.

13. Fill in the blanks: Regarding the combination of alcohol and marijuana, one of the female reporters describes taking the drugs as the adult version of ______ and _______.
(a) Soda and chips.
(b) Cigarettes and coffee.
(c) Caffeine and sugar.
(d) Milk and cookies.

14. How does Thompson feel about Nixon's circle of people?
(a) He finds them to be very in touch with the public.
(b) He finds them untrustworthy.
(c) He finds them to be worthy of respect.
(d) He finds them to be patriotic.

15. According to those who approve of professional speech writers, what purpose do the writers serve for the politicians?
(a) The writers control the campaign.
(b) The writers can catapult a politician to stardom with the right words.
(c) The writers enhance the politician's performance.
(d) The writers are merely there to edit the speeches.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Thompson's account of the airplane arrangements, how do several people view being forced onto the Dakota Queen II?

2. What is particularly noteworthy of Thompson's writing style, in regards to the tales of his and his colleagues more indulgent behavior?

3. According to Thompson, what sort of person is considered to be more of the "yang" in the Yin/Yang?

4. What strikes Thompson the most about Mankiewicz's recent, violent tendencies?

5. How does Thompson balance his frantic writing with the long periods of boredom in "November?"

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