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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In what way did the passengers on Thompson's plane assure their own entry?
(a) They would claim a certain seat.
(b) They would bring a drug to be shared.
(c) They would get drunk before the flight.
(d) They would arm-wrestle for a seat.

2. What are some of the activities that take place on the wilder plane during the campaign?
(a) Smoking during take off.
(b) Fighting over seating arrangements.
(c) Sex in the aisles.
(d) Intoxication.

3. In general, who flies on Thompson's preferred plane?
(a) Press.
(b) Reserve personnel.
(c) Constituents.
(d) Politicians.

4. What is the date of election day in this book?
(a) November 6.
(b) November 4.
(c) November 7.
(d) November 5.

5. On the day of the election, where is the first place the personnel and press are taken?
(a) Church.
(b) Voting location.
(c) A rally.
(d) Breakfast.

6. In the author's estimation, how is the public beginning to view Nixon?
(a) As a folk-hero.
(b) As a war-mongerer.
(c) As a snake.
(d) As an honest gentleman.

7. What happens between Mankiewicz and Thompson in "August?"
(a) Thompson crashes his motorcycle into Mankiewicz's car.
(b) Thompson buys the other man a drink.
(c) Mankiewicz reveals some campaign secrets to Thompson.
(d) Thompson is assaulted by the other man.

8. According to Thompson, who fails to capture the public's attention because the people perceive a discrepancy between his perception and his reality?
(a) Richard Nixon.
(b) Frank Mankowiecz.
(c) George McGovern.
(d) George Wallace.

9. Above all else, why does the public lose its trust in Eagleton (and by extension, McGovern)?
(a) Eagleton lied.
(b) McGovern acted too harshly against Eagleton.
(c) McGovern did not act quickly enough in removing Eagleton.
(d) Eagleton was meant to be a rock for the public to lean on.

10. How does Thompson allow his readers for the Rolling Stone to follow his journey into the political arena?
(a) He discusses both the political and party life as well as how they connect.
(b) He relates politics to music.
(c) He namedrops to keep people intrigued.
(d) He covers only the politics and none of the outside activities.

11. Who does Thompson quote when he says, "Richard Nixon represents the dark side of the American spirit?"
(a) Bobby Kennedy.
(b) George McGovern.
(c) Timothy Leary.
(d) John Kennedy.

12. Fill in the blanks: Regarding the combination of alcohol and marijuana, one of the female reporters describes taking the drugs as the adult version of ______ and _______.
(a) Cigarettes and coffee.
(b) Milk and cookies.
(c) Caffeine and sugar.
(d) Soda and chips.

13. Why is McGovern not able to recover from Eagleton's omissions and lies?
(a) McGovern's next vice-presidential candidate was too divisive.
(b) Nixon undermined McGovern's efforts to save face.
(c) Eagleton should have revealed his medical history sooner.
(d) McGovern did nothing for the public to put faith in him.

14. According to Thompson, what concept really controls the voting and polls in politics?
(a) The stance on the Vietnam War.
(b) The intensity a politician will bring to a speech.
(c) Perception of the candidate.
(d) How well the politicians can speak.

15. How does Thompson describe the unity sought by the journalists who indulged in some of the more raucous behaviors?
(a) "Rock-n-roll lifestyle compressed to a typewriter."
(b) "Gonzo journalism."
(c) "A pathetic attempt to unify us as one."
(d) "Rock-n-roll journey politick."

Short Answer Questions

1. What two archetypes does Thompson use to further his comparison of two of the candidates to the Yin/Yang?

2. How many aircraft are generally used on the campaign trail?

3. What is the name of the airplane which carries the reserve personnel during the campaign of 1972?

4. Who does Thompson discuss as the reason for his own disillusionment in "November Continued"?

5. What revelation does Thompson make to the readers about his intoxication on the airplane?

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