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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do politicians tend to view journalists, according to Thompson?
(a) Failed politicians.
(b) News-hungry pigs.
(c) Writers who could not sell a novel.
(d) Worthless.

2. In what measurement of time is this book organized?
(a) Years.
(b) Months.
(c) Days.
(d) Weeks.

3. For what is Jerry Rubin known?
(a) For furthering the knowledge of drugs with Timothy Leary.
(b) For Communism.
(c) For attempting to levitate the Pentagon.
(d) As a Yippie activist.

4. Which Kennedy does the Democratic party consider nominating?
(a) Ted Kennedy.
(b) Patrick Kennedy.
(c) Bobby Kennedy.
(d) Joseph Kennedy.

5. According to Thompson, how much time do the candidates devote to meeting constituents?
(a) Eighteen hours a day, for a year and a half.
(b) Eight hours a day, for two years.
(c) Twelve hours a day, for a year.
(d) Ten hours a day, for fourteen months.

6. At times during slow periods on the campaign trail, what do journalists find themselves resenting?
(a) The amount of work they can do.
(b) The censorship.
(c) The presence of Mankiewicz.
(d) The lack of interviews with the candidates.

7. During the May primary, how does Thompson describe a politician hearing a particular sound?
(a) A fox getting caught in a trap.
(b) A cat being cornered by a dog.
(c) A werewolf killing one's guard dog.
(d) A vulture picking at carrion.

8. Whom does Thompson describe as being less of a hand-shaker and more of an actor with his constituents?
(a) Ted Kennedy.
(b) George McGovern.
(c) George Wallace.
(d) Edmund Muskie.

9. What is a trademark of Thompson's writing, as evidenced in "June?"
(a) His ability to make connections between disparate events.
(b) His interviews with the candidates.
(c) His frequent references to celebrities.
(d) His factual accounts.

10. Why does the author posit that politicians dismiss a certain type of vote in "January"?
(a) The members of that group usually vote for the least likely candidate.
(b) The vote will be as divided as the previous generation's vote.
(c) Very few members of that group will actually vote.
(d) Their votes do not actually count.

11. Who does Rubin claim will march down to the Convention Center in July?
(a) One hundred Yippie activists.
(b) Every hippie celebrity in the country.
(c) Timothy Leary.
(d) Ten thousand naked hippies.

12. In "May," what complaint do Thompson and other journalists have on the campaign trail?
(a) Boredom.
(b) Poor travel accomodations.
(c) Stifling hotel rooms.
(d) Censorship.

13. What is significant about the residents of the retirement home the candidates visit in "May?"
(a) They are of all different ethnicities.
(b) They are all women.
(c) They are wealthy.
(d) They are all connected to powerful families in Washington, D.C.

14. Besides the factory, where else do the candidates go to visit and meet with workers?
(a) A hospital.
(b) A slaughterhouse.
(c) A library.
(d) An automotive shop.

15. When covering political stories, how does Thompson generally feel around large groups of unconnected people who cannot mix well?
(a) Claustrophobic.
(b) Happy.
(c) At ease.
(d) Awkward.

Short Answer Questions

1. At the end of "June," why does Thompson compare the journalists to a particularly notorious group?

2. What is unusual about Thompson's description of himself in the Introduction?

3. In Miami, who forces the Senator to keep his speech and interviews short?

4. How is Thompson affected when a politician he politically respects suffers through a difficult event?

5. To what does Thompson compare the writer's problem he discusses in "June?"

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