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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 12, November Continued.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to the author, which readers does he expect will understand his decision to defuse the situation with Mankiewicz?
(a) Peaceful protestors.
(b) People who have a background in fighting.
(c) Writers.
(d) Military.

2. Despite the opinions politicians hold of the press, which of the following is not a trademark of Hunter S. Thompson (illustrating the man's indifference to what the politicians think of him)?
(a) His frequent hangovers.
(b) His snarky attitude.
(c) His unbiased observations.
(d) His obsessively frantic writing.

3. During "August," what concerns are raised about Frank Mankiewicz on the campaign trail?
(a) Mankiewicz cannot handle publicity.
(b) Mankiewicz is intoxicated in public too often.
(c) Mankiewicz is increasingly more volatile.
(d) Mankiewicz is not tough enough on McGovern.

4. What incident (with which he had no involvement) harms Thompson's reputation as a professional?
(a) The drunken, belligerent behavior of the person who stole his ID.
(b) A drug bust.
(c) Ten thousand naked hippies showing up to protest Nixon.
(d) A motorcycle accident.

5. Which Kennedy does the Democratic party consider nominating?
(a) Bobby Kennedy.
(b) Joseph Kennedy.
(c) Patrick Kennedy.
(d) Ted Kennedy.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does the younger generation tend to vote like?

2. In Thompson's estimation, in "Dark Interlude," what is the real problem with political conflicts?

3. In Thompson's own words, what does he initially admit to believing about Mankiewicz?

4. As a result of what happened between Mankiewicz and Thompson in "August," what do Thompson and his friend suspect Mankiewicz will do in the near-future?

5. What does Thompson explain as being the result of an intense situation in regards to the reserve personnel during a campaign?

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