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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10, October.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Thompson, because of their origins, who do Southerners respect?
(a) Worldly people.
(b) Self-made businessmen.
(c) Accomplished con men.
(d) Leaders from the Civil Rights movement.

2. "Dark Interlude" reveals what illness that Eagleton suffers from?
(a) Bipolar disorder.
(b) Epilepsy.
(c) Depression.
(d) Hallucinations.

3. How does Thompson describe politicians who decide to become self-aware about the theatricality of their work?
(a) "Overtly meta."
(b) "High comedy."
(c) "Experimental theater."
(d) "Honest artwork."

4. What is unusual about Thompson's description of himself in the Introduction?
(a) He is describing someone else.
(b) It is not flattering.
(c) It is extremely flattering.
(d) He says he refuses to describe himself, but actually does.

5. What is Thompson unable to explain about his preferred candidate in "October?"
(a) McGovern's lack of public speaking skills.
(b) McGovern's shady past.
(c) McGovern's inability to make a firm decision.
(d) McGovern's lack of success in the polls.

Short Answer Questions

1. Despite the opinions politicians hold of the press, which of the following is not a trademark of Hunter S. Thompson (illustrating the man's indifference to what the politicians think of him)?

2. Whom did Bobby Kennedy refer to as "the most decent man in the Senate?"

3. In "September," who does Thompson believe would have supported McGovern?

4. In his memory of a previous campaign, what does Thompson realize about the police officers?

5. During the May primary, how does Thompson describe a politician hearing a particular sound?

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