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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7, July.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When covering political stories, how does Thompson generally feel around large groups of unconnected people who cannot mix well?
(a) Claustrophobic.
(b) At ease.
(c) Awkward.
(d) Happy.

2. According to Thompson, who was most notably not a target when Bobby Kennedy was assassinated?
(a) Lyndon Johnson.
(b) George Meany.
(c) George Wallace.
(d) Rosey Grier.

3. Despite the opinions politicians hold of the press, which of the following is not a trademark of Hunter S. Thompson (illustrating the man's indifference to what the politicians think of him)?
(a) His frequent hangovers.
(b) His unbiased observations.
(c) His obsessively frantic writing.
(d) His snarky attitude.

4. In "July," in the ballroom, what reaction do the constituents have towards George Wallace?
(a) They embrace him as their own.
(b) They are not happy with what Wallace was saying.
(c) They take his statements and promises seriously and give him their support.
(d) They boo Wallace out of the ballroom.

5. What is significant about the residents of the retirement home the candidates visit in "May?"
(a) They are all connected to powerful families in Washington, D.C.
(b) They are wealthy.
(c) They are of all different ethnicities.
(d) They are all women.

Short Answer Questions

1. What writer's problem does Thompson discuss in "June"?

2. Why is it necessary for the politicians have so many meet-and-greets to shake hands with many different workers?

3. In Miami, who forces the Senator to keep his speech and interviews short?

4. In the beginning of "May," at which primary is Thompson present?

5. With which group does George Wallace apparently have the most affinity?

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