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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6, June.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Fill in the blank: Journalists can only view ______ as being either worthy of respect or derision.
(a) Campaign managers.
(b) Politicians.
(c) Other journalists.
(d) Police officers.

2. During the May primary, how does Thompson describe a politician hearing a particular sound?
(a) A vulture picking at carrion.
(b) A fox getting caught in a trap.
(c) A werewolf killing one's guard dog.
(d) A cat being cornered by a dog.

3. In "June," what is significant about drug use among the journalists?
(a) It is blatant and frequent.
(b) It is highly secretive.
(c) It is non-existent.
(d) It is becoming more open.

4. What is significant about the residents of the retirement home the candidates visit in "May?"
(a) They are all connected to powerful families in Washington, D.C.
(b) They are all women.
(c) They are wealthy.
(d) They are of all different ethnicities.

5. How does Thompson assist a group of people in "January, February, into March" who informed him of their collective hatred for politicians?
(a) Changing their oil.
(b) Flagging down a ride.
(c) Getting their car on the road.
(d) Reconstructing the motor.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which demographic does the Democratic party worry about reaching if they do not have a Kennedy?

2. When Thompson reaches his destination in "January, February, into March," how do his disrespectful peers treat him?

3. What incident (with which he had no involvement) harms Thompson's reputation as a professional?

4. In "January," whose vote is discussed alongside the generational voting habits?

5. Which Kennedy does the Democratic party consider nominating?

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