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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6, June.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What campaign is Thompson covering in "Fear and Loathing: On the Campaign Trail '72?"
(a) Nixon's campaign.
(b) McGovern's campaign.
(c) Wallace's campaign.
(d) Muskie's campaign.

2. According to his anecdotes in "January, February, into March," why is Thompson never be able to fit in with the upper classes?
(a) He is proud of being able to work every day.
(b) He does not enjoy wearing nicer clothes.
(c) He cannot grovel for affection.
(d) He is too cynical for them.

3. What is a trademark of Thompson's writing, as evidenced in "June?"
(a) His interviews with the candidates.
(b) His frequent references to celebrities.
(c) His ability to make connections between disparate events.
(d) His factual accounts.

4. Who does Rubin claim will march down to the Convention Center in July?
(a) Timothy Leary.
(b) Ten thousand naked hippies.
(c) One hundred Yippie activists.
(d) Every hippie celebrity in the country.

5. In "January," whose vote is discussed alongside the generational voting habits?
(a) Hispanic.
(b) European immigrants.
(c) African Americans.
(d) Asian.

Short Answer Questions

1. In what state does Thompson frequently find himself during social settings involving politicians and journalists?

2. How does Thompson describe the Washington D.C. journalists in "January?"

3. Despite, or perhaps, because of Thompson's own preferences, what in his writing identifies him as a trustworthy source of information and editorials?

4. Whom does Thompson describe as being less of a hand-shaker and more of an actor with his constituents?

5. When Thompson reaches his destination in "January, February, into March," how do his disrespectful peers treat him?

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