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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4, April.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What reason is Thompson given that attempts to diminish the importance of his employer?
(a) His employer never served in Vietnam.
(b) His editor is a known communist.
(c) His magazine is the lowest-ranked in the country.
(d) He works for a music magazine.

2. When Thompson reaches his destination in "January, February, into March," how do his disrespectful peers treat him?
(a) They look down on him.
(b) They all clamor for his autograph.
(c) They embarrass him.
(d) They are happy to see him.

3. During the May primary, how does Thompson describe a politician hearing a particular sound?
(a) A cat being cornered by a dog.
(b) A fox getting caught in a trap.
(c) A werewolf killing one's guard dog.
(d) A vulture picking at carrion.

4. According to Thompson, who was most notably not a target when Bobby Kennedy was assassinated?
(a) Lyndon Johnson.
(b) George Meany.
(c) George Wallace.
(d) Rosey Grier.

5. According to his anecdotes in "January, February, into March," why is Thompson never be able to fit in with the upper classes?
(a) He cannot grovel for affection.
(b) He does not enjoy wearing nicer clothes.
(c) He is too cynical for them.
(d) He is proud of being able to work every day.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is unusual about Thompson's description of himself in the Introduction?

2. Although Kennedy would not be likely to win the state of Georgia, what key city could he almost definitely win?

3. What is Hunter S. Thompson's occupation?

4. In what city was Bobby Kennedy assassinated?

5. In "January," whose vote is discussed alongside the generational voting habits?

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