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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13, November Continued.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did Nixon employ Ziegler?
(a) Nixon is a terrible public speaker.
(b) Nixon needed a more liberal counterpart.
(c) Nixon antagonized the press too much.
(d) Nixon needed a man with military experience.

2. For what reason does Senator McCarthy visit the factory workers in "May?"
(a) To see a factory local to his hometown.
(b) To make sure they are being given proper benefits.
(c) To shake their hands.
(d) To visit where his father used to work there.

3. What is Thompson unable to explain about his preferred candidate in "October?"
(a) McGovern's lack of success in the polls.
(b) McGovern's shady past.
(c) McGovern's lack of public speaking skills.
(d) McGovern's inability to make a firm decision.

4. In the author's estimation, how is the public beginning to view Nixon?
(a) As an honest gentleman.
(b) As a war-mongerer.
(c) As a folk-hero.
(d) As a snake.

5. How did the passengers of Thompson's plane react to others trying to join them on their flight?
(a) The journalists welcome everyone on board.
(b) The journalists force the newcomers to get high before getting on the plane.
(c) The journalists only allow other politicians on board if McGovern joins them.
(d) The journalists refuse entry to everyone else.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Thompson, what is the death knell for the campaign?

2. According to Thompson, in "Dark Interludes," what does McGovern do that shows his prowess as a politician?

3. What does Thompson openly acknowledge about his work in "February & March?"

4. Why does Thompson believe the journalists are turning to drugs?

5. How do people who are uninterested in politics react to Thompson's writing?

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