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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13, November Continued.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At the writing of this book, what do Americans realize about politics?
(a) American votes do force change.
(b) They are deceptive.
(c) Politicians cannot readily pull troops in and out of a country.
(d) Politicians are not really in charge.

2. When Thompson refers to "the American Dream," what class does he posit has the most at stake in believing in that ideal?
(a) The lower class.
(b) The middle class.
(c) The illegal immigrants.
(d) The upper class.

3. What happens between Mankiewicz and Thompson in "August?"
(a) Mankiewicz reveals some campaign secrets to Thompson.
(b) Thompson is assaulted by the other man.
(c) Thompson crashes his motorcycle into Mankiewicz's car.
(d) Thompson buys the other man a drink.

4. How do politicians tend to view journalists, according to Thompson?
(a) Writers who could not sell a novel.
(b) Worthless.
(c) Failed politicians.
(d) News-hungry pigs.

5. At the time of this book, who employed Thompson?
(a) Washington Post.
(b) Rolling Stone.
(c) New York Times.
(d) Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

Short Answer Questions

1. On the louder of the two planes in "November Continued," what does Thompson say is present?

2. With which group does George Wallace apparently have the most affinity?

3. According to those who approve of professional speech writers, what purpose do the writers serve for the politicians?

4. Which demographic does the Democratic party worry about reaching if they do not have a Kennedy?

5. What is Hunter S. Thompson's occupation?

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