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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 12, November Continued.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. With which party in Florida does Rubin claim to be registered?
(a) Democrat.
(b) Green Party.
(c) Independent.
(d) Republican.

2. As a result of what happened between Mankiewicz and Thompson in "August," what do Thompson and his friend suspect Mankiewicz will do in the near-future?
(a) Mankiewicz will pretend nothing ever happened.
(b) Mankiewicz will return to assault Thompson again.
(c) Mankiewicz will owe Thompson a favor in return for not reporting him.
(d) Mankiewicz will likely apologize.

3. In Miami in 1972, how do the sit-ins and protests compare to Thompson's experiences on other campaign trails?
(a) They are completely effective.
(b) They are poorly organized.
(c) They are extremely mild.
(d) They are much wilder.

4. In his memory of a previous campaign, what does Thompson realize about the police officers?
(a) They did not wish to hurt anyone.
(b) They were deceived about danger they were facing.
(c) They were unhelpful during the demonstration.
(d) Some helped people while others hurt people.

5. How many aircraft are generally used on the campaign trail?
(a) Four.
(b) Three.
(c) Two.
(d) One.

Short Answer Questions

1. For what is Jerry Rubin known?

2. In Thompson's account of the airplane arrangements, how do several people view being forced onto the Dakota Queen II?

3. What does Thompson explain as being the result of an intense situation in regards to the reserve personnel during a campaign?

4. On the louder of the two planes in "November Continued," what does Thompson say is present?

5. In general, who flies on Thompson's preferred plane?

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