Objects & Places from Fear and Loathing: On the Campaign Trail '72

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Object Descriptions

Billy club hash pipe - This smoking apparatus belongs to the author.

Miami - This place hosts one of the most important political conventions in this book.

Dakota Queen 2 - Reserved for the quieter, more responsible workers in the months leading up to the election, this transportation is used during the campaign.

Zoo Plane - This campaign transportation is used for the wilder members of the press and is frequently flowing with illegal drugs.

CBS - This is a major broadcasting network in America.

Typewriters - These machines are used extensively by the journalists on the campaign trail and are available to journalists whenever necessary.

Gentleman Journalists - The members of this Washington, D.C. group are considered to be fine, respectable members of the press.

Democratic Party - This is one of the major political parties in America.

Roots - This term identifies the sources of...

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