Fear and Loathing: On the Campaign Trail '72 Character Descriptions

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Character Descriptions

Hunter S. Thompson - This person is the author and narrator of the book, a writer in the counter-culture, who is the most famous practitioner of gonzo journalism.

George McGovern - A presidential nominee from the Democratic party, this honest person is also the underdog.

Gene McCarthy - This person is infamous for his or her attacks on Communism, which sometimes hampered race relations.

J. Edgar Hoover - The first director of the FBI, this person is also known for his or her questionable ethics.

John Lindsay - This person is a hard-working politician from Massachusetts.

Shirley Chisolm - Announcing a run for the presidency, this person had greater support than anyone anticipated.

Edmund Muskie - This Democrat is verbally abused by a prominent Yippie activist, posing as the author.

Ted Kennedy - This prominent politician is a strong leader for Civil Rights.

Nixon - Openly despised...

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